Leather Working and Dyeing

I’m making my own set of armour for empire, lots of tooling and a lot more intricate than I’ve done with leather in the past. The one thing I’m falling afoul on is dying when I am using a triple loop stitch to edge the armour with flat thonging.
In the past I’ve struggled to get an even dye when doing this kind of work. Could anyone recommend a way to get an even dye?

I may be reading your post wrong, but I would suggest completely dyeing each section prior to doing any edge lacing.

If I may recommend something as I find this so much more handy way of doing it,

Do all your tooling and get your shapes and edging done first.

Then dye the leather.

Now put your stitch holes in and start stitching. Otherwise you can run into real problems along the way.

I use an airbrush for even application of leather dye

In the end I hand dyed it, testing two approaches out, the best was dying separately IMO then stitching together.

Though I have been eyeing up Airbrushes like nobody’s business. At this rate I’ll have to make 100 sets (exageration) of armour to sell to recoup my shopping list of toys :smiley: