Left-field Volhov idea

Hi folks

Looking for some feedback and advice on my first ever character.

I’ll be joining Varushka (love the spookiness) and am in love with the Volhov archetype (meddling/problem solver/ likely an oddball)

Magician 2
I was thinking battlemage (survivability increase with mage armour) 2
Extra mana (more abracadabra) 1
Extra spell (further utility) 2
Spring Lore (more RP opportunities out of battle) 1
Resource: mana site

This may be an odd choice given the benefits of a staff, but I was thinking of wielding an axe. Partly as staffs seem pretty ooc pricy, but I also like the whole varushkan thing of weapons that are also tools. More of a practical fellow with some dabbling in esoteric arts. As a result no offensive spells but maybe heal and mend/restore limb. With the spring lore as an avenue to get more involved in the wider arc of stories out there, low level rituals for helpful/personal buffs but a potential to join others?

Any thoughts are much appreciated


As a Varushkan Volhov, I think your setup works. Healing is always useful, and our Spring coven is relatively small at the moment so would definitely appreciate a new member (we only have one Spring coven currently that I’m aware of).

Axes are a legit choice for anyone in Varushka - as you say, we are a practical people. The only thing I would say is that if as a battlemage you wanted to take any offensive spells in the future, you would need a magical implement to cast them with, which isn’t allowed to look like a weapon.


Varushkan Battle Mage healer here. Yep, that is a good set up for a new character. With only a few spells and low mana, it’s probably better to have a melee weapon to fall back on. I would hold off on making a final decision on what type of melee until you get to your first event and you can get a feel of what is best for you. With the number of dealers that come to the events, you’ll have a lot to choose from and you won’t have to pay shipping.

For spells you really want heal. I don’t think we have many artisans on the battlefield so mend would be really needed but restore limb is needed far more often. It’s up to you on that front.


Axe and a wand would give you self defence options, the trick is to always remember that you are not a front line combatant and you should try to avoid fighting at all costs. One cleave or impale to the legs and you’re down and if you’re pulling back you’ll be dead before you can get back up again.

Restore Limb is the spell I ended up using most when I was a battle mage so I’d say that’s a keeper too. It’s actually relatively easy to pick up a Mazzarine Spindle which would give you this spell, specially if the item only has a season or two left on it.

I would see if you can borrow a staff for a battle to see how it works for you though as having that reach is useful even when healing. But save up and see if you can pick one up second hand after an event or two and you’ll be able to get an offensive spell to go along with it with your XP :slight_smile:.

Spring is entertaining, Call Down Lightning’s Wrath and Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch both help make you more useful on the field.


A few thoughts:

  • You can’t swift cast a spell throughan axe so you will probably want a wand anyway and that adds up the price a bit.
  • Spring doesn’t have any versatile off-battlefield stuff under about magnitude 8, so you’ll need to to join a coven. I’d recommend taking Merciless Wrath of the Reaver as that’s both in demand and great Wagon Raider fluff. Then if you’re lacking either Heal or Restore Limb take the ritual version. But otherwise don’t bother as it’s more expensive and slower than just casting the spell.
  • Have you thought of using a mage rod and a buckler (<15" shield that all PCs can use) instead? Walking stick that is also a weapon and healing tool is:
    • IC practical.
    • OC cheaper than an axe and a wand.
    • Aesthetically similar to a wizard staff.
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You can swift cast using any implement, and using a staff can have many benefits as a healer as it dramatically increases the range you can save people from.

I can recommend the mage rod approach though. Shields make you much more likely to survive combat, and if you decide you really can’t live without an axe later then you could always pick up duel wield.


Thanks for all the great feedback folks! It’s all really encouraging and has given me a lot to think on. Excited to wander round and find my first weapon, whatever that may be, and to meet all you lovely lot :blush:

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This. What I meant to write was “you can’t swift cast with an AXE”. I swift cast with a staff loads, it’s great


I’d also add that Chirurgeon might be a better bet than extra mana. Extra mana gives you 1-2 more spells, but you can use Chirurgeon an unlimited number of times

At the minute in Varushka we have quite a few Chirurgeons but not actually a ton of fighters compaired with most other nations. If GoblinGhoul wants to switch between melee and magic like I do extra mana will be more helpful but if they want to mostly heal Chirurgeon will be better.