Lighting the way

I’m looking for something in a personal lantern and was hoping to get some advice from more seasoned players. Ideally I want something minimal fuss for helping get around after dark, because while I don’t generally have to run around after sundown (it tends more to be ambling between pubs) it’s a bit dicey when I do, and a lantern seems like something my character would have anyway.

I can’t deny that having an actual burning lantern would be cool, but I tend to worry a bit when I’m in charge of a flame. Are there more convenient alternatives that look as good as the real thing?

An actual flame does also have the advantage of heat too but I do understand the issues.

Almost anything can count as an urizeni mage light, and PC’s are wealthy enough to have them so battery lights are fine.

Seen plenty of people with the jar full of fire flies option (several options on Amazon), basically a jam jar or lantern with a set of thin wire LED inside. Batteries are better than solar if you want guaranteed light all evening. If you end up with really bright light then a bit of tissue paper inside the glass will stop people wincing at you.

There are also people wandering around with various glow in the dark crystals, and kids nightlight things, again Amazon is your friend.

Personally I carry a small head torch for late night toilet runs which i can hide in my hand to shine down at my feet, otherwise mid evening there is usually enough light from camps to get you past most guy lines.


This kind of squashable LED camping lantern is something I’ve seen recommended. You can glue some leather round the top rim or paint it to make it look a bit IC and attach some cord to attach it to your belt.

I’ve also seen traditional lanterns modded to included a big bundle of battery powered LED lights again using the Urizeni Glow Stones.


LED hurricane lamps are quite nice and can be got on eBay for less than a tenner. We have three of these for our camp and looking at them closely I’m pretty sure they’re literally a bunch of LEDs and a battery pack put into a standard hurricane lamp shell. They are a bit too bright on full setting but they have a dial so you don’t have to turn them all the way up.

eBay is your friend in general for this sort of things - just search ‘battery lantern’ and skip over the ultra-bright camping lamps to the faux rustic/antique ones. A thin layer of nail polish - coloured, or clear/white frosted if you just want to soften the light - will work on most clear plastics.

I also keep a finger-sized keyring torch in my OC purse with my OC cash and pen knife for late loo runs and so on.


I use one of those lanterns and I find it useful for fields, caves or forests. Also, you can store stuff in it at a pinch.

While were on the subject, would this be considered suitable?

I’m considering modding it to hold an electric bulb and battery since i’m not comfortable carrying around a lit paraffin lamp all the time.

A small led torch, the kind that only use a single AA are surprisingly good for getting around, small enough to hide in your hand and pouch. Also led candles are ok too.

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