Lineage: Favourite Trappings to Roleplay

For those of you playing or who have played a lineaged character, which are your favourite of the psychological, roleplay-based trappings?

For my Naga it’s tempting to pick ‘Relaxed demeanour’ – having an excuse to sit down for the win! However, my actual favourite is the discerning senses. This is partly because I have OC hypersensitivity, so if I’m getting distracted or overwhelmed I can just roleplay as Lucia feeling the same things. It’s also quite fun to, every now and again, make some comment to try and indicate that she’s perceiving a world that’s slightly more immediately complex than the one perceived by whomever she’s speaking to.

Do you only really focus on one trapping, or a few, or do you have a crack at portraying all of them?

My characterhas been taught to hide or train herself out of most of her Naga traits, so I’m not always certain if she doesn’t have a particular trapping or if she just doesn’t show it. But the trappings which are definitely there are: hypersensivity; sibliance (though not always present); gregarious (she likes bringing people together whom she thinks would benefit from speaking to each other; and intuitiveness (though she distrusts it).

Playing a changeling, I’m most enjoying injecting the ‘Confident’ into everything. It fits especially well for me with playing the Dawnish Knight brief, as it means I can basically treat everything like a challenge that I will take on and succeed in, and it acts as an anti-bottle device in giving me the kick in the ass I sometimes need to get out and do things in a world very much encouraging Action.

That said, I aim to go for all of them, playing up ‘touched by summer’ as a Glorious thing-making split decisions on whether or not to respect someone as an equal and having very different responses based on the answer, being apparently unconscious of my appearance while still incredibly touchy about it when things like antlers(I lack them) or eartips(one got cut off at E4) was mentioned. Oh, and the wrath :smiley: sudden storming rage when people are used to happy bouncy loud knight is lots of fun.

If this char lives long enough, looking forward to the madness and arrogance slide!

So, I’m playing a briar who’s deliberately playing up the negative aspects of Lineage, and having a whale of a time. The physical trappings are getting more fun each event, as well. (Note to people contemplating playing a briar - tendrils and green shoots count as ‘leaves’ and are banned trappings, no matter how much body horror they are physrepping.)

But then, ‘straightforward, loud, decisive, opinionated and indiscreet’ are traits that just make game by themselves - I congratulate the developers on a set of very flavourful roleplaying trappings that add up to ‘LARP harder! No, harder! LARP TILL YOU BLEED, THEN PAINT LATEX ON IT!’ And it’s always fun to play a light-side dark-side vibe - I have several such characters in different games, all with different methods of dealing with it, and at the moment I think I like Iulian’s method (more Two-Face than Jekyll and Hyde) best.

For me, the Sibilance only comes out when I’m roleplaying being angry… It really adds a certain something to those kind of situations when IC I lose the composure and it ssslips out!

I’m trying to play up the narcissistic element too, and that’s putting me well and truly outside my comfort zone.
With the full mask on as well, I’ve spoken to people I know from other game systems who have had no idea it was me under there!

I’m told I do a mean draughir raised eyebrow. I also like using the word ‘inefficient’ in conversations.

One Briar thing I keep meaning to do, but haven’t had the opportunity to do yet, is to just start doing squats or starjumps partway through a lengthy conversation. Otherwise, I really like being simple, straightforward and physical, as well as the mercurial thing (although I don’t play that too much). Kissing allies on the cheek partway through battles is big and clever.

I am trying very hard to keep a straight face most of the time, including when I’m joking around and generally having fun - hoorah for Merrow. The calmness and tendency to sit around observing instead of getting involved (which is down as a trapping, and is on this character because it’s growing out of a fair bit of the characterisation) is a bit of a problem at times, since that sort of thing is a known Not Fun fail for me, but I’m keeping it under control - and it’s worth it for the hyperfocus thing Percival has going on sometimes.

It appears that I’m getting the Merrow across fairly well, because while magically disguised as a Naga and therefore with less Merrow and a bit of Naga RP added, a couple of people were a little nonplussed by the change in body language. :smiley:

I used to play a Naga.

I absolutely loved playing up being Gregarious. He would always suggest moving to a bar or going to say hello to people if the group were hanging out around the camp. Talking to whoever was around, inviting people over to our camp etc.

It was a fantastic contrast against the fact that when he needed to cast a ritual or spell he would grab the target and hide away someone dark secluded and secretive to cast it.

EDIT: Unfortunately his passion got he better of him during battle and… less than tactically sound decisions were made.

I Love portraying the haughty changeling aspects, especially mixed with sudden provoked bursts of rage. Playing off other changeling’s completely inability to back down from confrontation by matching it is some of the most fun I’ve had at Empire (right Rosie? :laughing: )

I could write something about the interaction of the roleplaying aspects of the draughir brief with the dawnish brief and how I have found an awful lot of game in the many conflicts and the level of resentment and angst this has cause the character… But ultimately I just really, really like playing someone who is absolutely horrible.


Draughir pack mentality. I’m playing a fairly low-lineage draughir who’s still developing some of the mindset, and the moments where she blindsides herself with who she’s putting the mental stamp of ‘MINE!’ on are amusing.

I’ve been enjoying treating EVERY interaction as a complex game and generally being a devious, manipulative shit. Being Cambion is incredibly fun.

Being an opinionated, driven and competitive characters is much harder when you CAN’T LIE!! >.< Darn it Freeborn!!

I’m looking forward to watching my phys-reps and characteristics. Confidence and I think a champion shouter/singer will go down quite nice.