++Lineage Update and Photo Call++


We’ve just finished a very light pass through the lineage pages, primarily tidying things up and changing up the format of the pages.

We’ve made a slight rules change - the “demeanour” trapping of some of the lineages has been moved to the roleplaying section. The main reasons for doing this are that demeanour clearly has more in common with roleplaying traits than (for example) having pointed ears or gills, but also to make the rule about having to have at least one physical trapping more intuitive.

The work isn’t entirely complete yet - we’re still doing a little bit of work on the section currently entitled “Imperial (lineage)”, tidying it up and expanding a little on the specific roles associated with lineage in various nations. Watch this space.

Photo Call

As part of the tidy-up we’ve also made some changes to the way pictures are laid out. This means we’re looking for some specific images to help illustrate the physical trappings associated with several of the lineages. The comments here contain specific requests and are worth looking over if you have any reasonably quality photographs of lineaged characters.

Before you do that, though, please read through the details we need to be able to use a photo.

  1. Portrait - it needs to be a portrait aspect ratio so that it works with the wiki-code we’re using to create the photo galleries

  2. We need to know the name of the photographer so we can credit it

  3. The specific detail we’re looking for needs to be clear and obvious - it’s no use giving us a picture of a naga with snake eyes if you can’t clearly see those eyes in the photo.

Please post links to the photos in this FB thread

Cheers in advance!