Morning folks. While we’re working on downtime, we’re also answering e-mails and updating the wiki. Recently we’ve had a number of questions around lineage, and we’re made a couple of changes to the Lineage (http://bit.ly/Empire_Lineage), Lineage FAQ (http://bit.ly/Lineage_FAQ) and Ritual Theory (http://bit.ly/Lineage_Rituals) pages.

The key point we’re addressing is around “getting rid of lineage”. We’ve had a number of people ask if they can just “drop” their lineage, and we’ve tried to make it clearer that this is not an option. We are prepared to discuss reducing physical trappings with people who are having problems with them, but you can’t simply decide not to be lineaged any more.

Choosing whether to have lineage or not is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. There is no easy in-character way to remove lineage once a character has been played. If you later discover lineage is not for you then you may need to retire the character.

There are ways in the game to remove lineage, but they represent significant in-character goals - even more difficult in many ways than a human character gaining lineage. While there are many different ways a human might become lineaged, there are very few ways to remove that lineage - at the moment the most easily available method would require significant work to gain the favour of an eternal who is currently under the enmity of the Conclave, for example.

In some ways, whether your character is lineaged or not is a more significant choice than what nation you belong to - after all you can change nation through roleplaying and effort wheras changing lineage is almost impossible.

We’ve updated the magical theory section of the wiki with notes about lineage and mortal magic. There have been some odd effects in the past around lineage, but they are (ahem) likely due to a special conjunction. We’ve made it clear in this update that mortal ritual magic cannot give someone lineage, or take it away.

Some powerful large-scale magic may increase the likelihood that a child might develop lineage, but without the assistance of an eternal (or similar power) you can’t give someone lineage or take it away.

Twilight Masquerade creates a powerful glamour - it doesn’t actually change lineage in any way.

While we’re on the subject, we’ve been made aware of a belief that when attending player events it is possible to just “assume” you character has had Twilight Masquerade performed on them. We’re not certain how widespread this misapprehension is, nor where its come from, but it is incorrect.

As with any ritual in the game, you can only enjoy the effects of Twilight Masquerade if the ritual is performed on you, during uptime, but a coven of magicians who spend the appropriate amount of mana. This is true of every ritual from Twilight Masquerade through Swan’s Cruel Wing to Transmogrification of the Soul’s Echo or Shadow of the Bronze Colossus.

From our point of view. Getting a glamour that lets you masquerade as a different lineage (or a different orc for that matter) is a significant magical effect just like gaining CLEAVE or adding extra body hits…

Long story short… choosing to be lineaged is almost as significant a decision as choosing whether to be a human or an orc. It’s a major defining choice for your character and if you’re not sure if you are going to have fun then you may want to stay as a “vanilla” human - at least until you get a better feel for the game.

If you fancy, you can learn more about lineage in list form with some friendly photos and the like here: https://www.playbuzz.com/andyrc10/x-things-you-wanted-to-know-about-lineage-but-were-afraid-to-ask



I’ve just finished a minor update to the lineage pages that makes explicit the “special ability” each lineage has. Where possible I’ve included a few lines about how you might use it in play. I’ve also added a section to the lineage page explaining the existance of boons (bit.ly/Empire_Lineage)

Not all lineage boons are created equal; they are not meant to be “racial abilities” that encourage someone to choose to be lineaged just to get those advantages. In theory an ability like the naga Discerning Senses might provide an advantage in a very specific scenario, but that is likely to happen maybe once in a blue moon and is not something you should expect.

I’ve made a few minor edits to the roleplaying section of some of the lineages, mostly in places where moving the boon to its own section left no text in the area, and I think it is mostly on the draughir and naga pages.

Finally, I’ve made it explicit that the Twilight Masquerade doesn’t effect boons - it neither removes the boon of a lineaged character in a masquerade, nor adds a new boon if you’re glamoured as having lineage.

I’m mildly irritated by the layout of those pages. I might tweak it a bit in the next few days based on a better undestanding of wiki formatting than when we first wrote them, but the content will stay the same.

Oh! And I’ve put the speicific national lineage pages into the Category:Lineage so they’re easier to find for people looking into lineage. It’s exciting innovations like this which are why I make the big Freddos.

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