Liniage questions

Hi :slight_smile: I’m writing a book about liniage for my BA illustration project and I have a few questions that I couldn’t find awnswers to on the wiki…
Can you have people with two types of liniage ? For example the persons mother was a naga and father was a changing, would the child display small parts of both liniages ? Like a few scales and small horns ?

Thank you :slight_smile: and if you know any other information that’s not on the wiki please let me know :slight_smile: I really want this book to be as accurate as possible


Firstly, lineage is not inherited. While some lineages are more likely to occur in children born to parents with them, others are not, and there’s no guarantee either way.

Secondly, lineage is exclusive. A person can only have one lineage. The child of a naga and changeling may have either (or any other lineage), but they will not be a combination of both.

Here’s a FAQ that might help with that - … pecies_FAQ

Also the cause of Lineage isn’t precisely known, the only thing guaranteed to produce a lineaged child is when a human has sex with a herald. Some of the very high magnitude empire wide rituals are also said by some to cause more lineaged births as well, but there is currently no solid proof one way or the other that’s common knowledge. Also these two rituals are viewed with suspicion of causing lineage by some as well … f_New_Life … s_Recourse

Hope that helps :slight_smile:.

Thank you :slight_smile: