Little history

I was just wondering as the char I am thinking about is from Reikos and it had been occupied by the Druj, How long ago did they held that territory before being driven out.

The Druj invaded in 367, and were finally driven out in Winter 379.

So 12 years, from start (when they poured through the Forest of Peytaht from the north-east) to finish (with haggard Highborn armies raising their banners over the ruins of High Chalcis, and Dawn sweeping out the stragglers).

Long enough for a child fleeing the fall to grow up with no memory of what it was before…

Much of the relevant information is here, although you may also have to check through the Winds of War over the last few years:

My 2nd character fought in that campaign… after the battle of Urith Barath, I went to talk to a refugee Reikos chapter (I think it was the Shattered Tower).
I asked them if they had plans for a Senator.
They looked at me blankly.
I pointed out that the last major stronghold of the Druj had fallen. They were fleeing for the borders, their armies and curses as dust on the wind.
Reikos was retaken.
And their home reclaimed.
The implications of the battle hit them then. And they turned to each other and burst into tears on each others shoulders, a long and bitter exile finally ended…

“Where were you when High Chalcis fell?
And we broke the Druj in a muddy Hell,
And Highguard rang their victory bells…
It’s Reikos for the Empire!”

  • Marching for the Empire, verse 23

Although the Druj invaded Reikos in 367YE, some chapters (such as the Suns of Couros) held out up until the Druj completely claimed the territory in 378YE. The territory was completely Druj-held (and a miserable, curse-wracked warzone) for a year until we pushed the Druj out and completely re-took the territory in 379YE.

So if you were born in Reikos and are in your mid 20s you were probably just old enough to remember what it was like before the Druj came. Much of your life would have been spent with people you knew going off to fight the barbarians, never to return.

I play a Reikos-born character, so if you have any specific questions, please ask!


Also the Druj left horrible fear based miasma, and lots of bodies and poisoned land etc, which was eventually dealt with by a spring ritual, which caused everything to rot and grow mushrooms, which returned most of the area to a pristine land, i.e. also removed ruins, buildings, anything that wasn’t specifically protected with alot of effort.

So if you did come from Reikos, anything you left behind is probably not there anymore, including your previous home.

You also probably have a dislike of mushrooms.