++Little Scrimshaw Whales++

We’ve just put live some significant changes to the ritual Swim Leviathan’s Depth (http://bit.ly/Leviathan_Ritual). It’s taken us a little longer to finish the changes than we expected because we also needed to create a mechanism for players to make the little dragonbone whale effigies that are needed to prepare the ritual.

You can read about the changes here → http://bit.ly/Leviathan_Update

The two big changes are that you now submit your question in advance using operate portal and receive your answer when you cast the ritual; and that the ritual proper can only be cast during two specific windows of opportunity on Saturday and Sunday. There’s a bit more to it than that and I urge anyone thinking of casting the ritual to read the page carefully and absorb the changes.

Oh and the little whales. Anyone who has mastered the ritual Swim Levithan’s Depth, and has 2 dragonbone in their inventory, should be able to log in to their character and create a whale effigy special item - the code for doing that is now live.

The whales themselves were made by Seán Maguire of Skian Mhor, who also makes all out material phys-reps.


Those whales are so darn cute!

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They are, aren’t they! :smiley:

They really are.

so quick question can we get the whales hollowed for cuteness.

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Cuteness is not a Virtue…

I could see Hallowing them to Wisdom…

I can see Leviathan being unimpressed at being presented with one of his perfect objects covered in your nasty, emotional, religious ick.

In fact, I can definitely see Leviathan considering a tainted effigy to no longer be the proper ritual object, and thus not bother answering your question.


tis was a joke

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He probably wouldn’t notice, but one of the Day eternals is a dedicate of Wisdom, its entirely possible that we could convert another one.