London Monthly LARP Frothmeet - Feb 4th

Here’s a heads up about the next monthly LARP frothmeet in London.

2015 Froth Meet 2: The Once and Future Frothmeet is on Feb 4th at the Liberty Bounds pub near Tower Bridge Tube from 6pm.

We’re normally camped upstairs and it would be great to see you all there. It’s normally a very relaxed sit round with fellow players, talking about all the games we play, not just Empire and Odyssey :slight_smile:.

If you want to get an automatic reminder about this each month please join the Facebook group.

I’ll drop down with a mancala board :smiley:

Sounds good.

Love to, But Wednesday is Practice night.


bump See people there this evening I hope :slight_smile:.

Drink a Beer for me.