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Hi guys! I’m really excited to dive in to the world at E2, but I’m having some financing issues getting everything payed for before the event. I know traders have a presence on the field, but being a large person I worry that they won’t carry items in my size. That being said, what are the odds of me finding a large chain shirt at anvil and what sort of price can I be expecting? Any advice about this or anything else more than welcome.

Hey I’d drop some of the traders an email to see if they are bringing chain along to E2.

Das Shoppe might have some second hand sets, also Having a Larp and Skian Mhor might have some sets. I don’t know what the average price is though, perhaps someone else can chip in.

Thanks for the advice mate, I’ll make sure to send some out

With chainmaile, always buy big. Take into account that you want to wear padding underneath and need space to twist in. Bigger is heavier of course but If its a little looser its less like to tear or restrict movement. try to go a size up from your chest size.

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You can get a set of basic butted mail with a coif from eBay for £98. If you buy one sooner than later you might want to do a few improvements such as leather edging it.

If it does not fit you can always send it back for free :slight_smile:

If there is no fault you may still be liable for postage, and chain is HEAVY. Expect it to weigh upwards of 20kg for a full hauberk.

All good advice guys, thanks for the help. If the hauberk covered my arms, would that count as armor in itself, because of the torso+one other thing, or will I need something else?

For the mechanical benefits of a suit of armour (+hits):

If it’s right down to the wrists, then yes. But this is rare for hauberks, as they need to fit very well for that.

If it comes down to the elbows, a pair of bracers will complete the suit. Or greaves. Or a helmet…

For counting as armour, in terms of blocking special hits, it doesn’t matter how much coverage it is, it’s whether a blow lands on it. For example, if you have a heavy steel chainmail vest, then regardless of whether or not it gives you extra hits, if a CLEAVE or IMPALE blow hits it, your armour mitigates that to 1 hit of damage.

I recommend metal Greaves as a cleave to the legs ruins a heavy armour wearers day every time :slight_smile:.

Mail and graves it will be. My forearms should be pretty okay what with my sword and shield in the way a lot. Thanks for all the advice guys

Also, If its a full hauberk, It should come down to above your knees, this is also useful.

For an idea of prices, styles and sizes The Knight Shop has a good selection, in both butted and riveted.

Knight shop stuff is pretty good for the price. The butted stuff is riveted under the arms.

Merkis, if your maille covers half your arms and flops down to near your knees, that’s you done for heavy armour, box ticked, 4 extra hits. Think of each half-limb as half a location. Therefore, 4 half limbs = 2 locations. Butted maille shirt with short sleeves in a big size costs about 115 quid or so. Cheap plate greeves cost about 25 quid. Even if the shirt isn’t long enough to hit your knees, the greeves will get you over the heavy armour line. Super vanilla look too, can be any nation with the right costume accessories.

If you follow website instructions and measure yourself properly (friend greatly helps here), you can order with confidence from internet. But you gotta measure right, with all your clobber on that’ll be under the armour, and don’t pull tight on tailor’s tape measure. Use seamster’s cloth measure not hardware one.

Websites I’ve used that worked for me:
Larp inn, Mytholon, dein larp, larp warrior.

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