Looking for a book "The Necessary Actions of a Virtuous Sinner" by Berechiah

Hi, I am currently looking for a copy of the Book “The Necessary Actions of a Virtuous Sinner” by Berechiah.

If anyone has a copy they are willing to part with please let me know

Is this an IC or OC question?

'cause OC, pretty sure most of the books mentioned in the Wiki linked to historical figures are just mentions and what’s in them is sort of agreed but not specified.

I could be wrong, as my character is very much not a historian type beyond the sort of passing armchair flavour…but, this may be a find out in play/go looking in play question

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You may wish to try the in-game library, during play :slight_smile:


Hi, thankyou for the Replies @Squeek_D and @Geoffrey_Willoughby .
To be honest is a bit of a OC question. Basically I had a copy of the book and two years ago + I was giving it back to its owner and someone asked to borrow it at the time. I cannot for the life of me remember who it was and as I am no longer on Facebook, so I thought this might be a good place to ask. There was a suggestion that is was a rare book and I wanted to help my friend replace it, if it could not be found.
My first port of call at the next empire event was the library :slight_smile:

thankyou for your help and hopefully I can source a replacement.


I’m almost certain that the Anvil Library doesn’t have a copy. Certainly it’s not in the database, though it might be in the Rare/Unique books box. If it appeared on the field, we’d love a copy. Might even consider printing a new edition

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