Looking for a Buddy


Hello! I’m going to be new there too. Would be nice to talk with someone in the same boat. I’m planning on making a team/group. Would love to have you as a member


Good luck with that, I recommend you get at least one tent in the IC area as it will give you a base of operations. Having somewhere to set up chairs is a great help, especially in the evenings. It doesn’t have to be a tent you sleep in, just anything to stake your claim on a bit of the field. If you do, do this then bring some things along for entertainment as there will be some times when you will be altogether and won’t have much to do. It could just be a few poems or it could be a few board games, they just need to look IC. Maybe bring some group food and drink as well, but make sure your other members help with this.

I suggest look up about the culture and customs of your nation to get an idea of how your group will fit in; how they act, what their ideals are and what their role is. For now, maybe specialise with what your group does. Some of the larger groups do a bit of everything, from rituals to combat, from religion to trading. You don’t want to stretch you group out too much as then you won’t be doing anything together.

I hope this helps.


I’m also a newb! It’ll be my first larp and I was overwhelmed with all the information but I have some advice definitely can give you! Totally hit me up :green_heart::blue_heart:


Hey @Jasperleigh want to chat? I’m new too


By the way, if you’re booking for your first event, there’s a discount code available from any established player. I think it knocks £15 off your ticket, stacks with any other discounts.

Want mine?


Hi Geoff (can I call you Geoff?), I’d sure love a discount code if you’d be so kind?


Here you go:


“The only restriction is that this discount is only available for bookings made by adults before the event begins. The new player discount is not available to anyone paying on the gate at an event and cannot be used to discount an under-16 ticket.”

Help yourself, anyone, but it’s only for your first event, pre-booked.



Thanks man, much appreciated :slight_smile:


I might be a bit late to the party here but I’m relatively new too - april will be my 2nd event! Alas, my current character is a Leaguer, however I’ll be camping in OOC too so if you want to pitch up near someone you’ve spoken to in advance I’m sure we can arrange that! I was lucky to have a friend for my first event but even so it was pretty nervewracking. Rest assured, everyone is lovely and really accommodating to new players :slight_smile:


hey if you’re new to the league have you heard of the Di Vergo guild? we love helping new league players considering none of us have done more than 5 events we know exactly what trying to start out in empire feels like.

Also to the main point of this thread, i know the feel @Steph-Edwards LARP has massively helped me learn just how to function in a conversation like a real human being just remember as long as you enthusiastically make a mistake people will be angry about it 0.01% of the time. People at empire are weirdly nice for some reason


Does that mean if you go beyond five years, you must leave the group, never to return (I know you don’t mean that).

I think the people at empire are nice because a lot of us are different. It gives you a certain understanding when it comes to other people who are different. People are also usually in a good mood as they go to empire to have fun, this makes them more amiable but I think this only helps them to be more friendly. As I said earlier, it is still fairly niche and doing it means you suddenly have an unusual thing in common with everyone there. The last reason is because I feel it is a fairly social thing and so it creates a community. There isn’t as much face to face community any more so when one is created, people fall into it naturally. I just thought I would share my thoughts.


Hey what nation are you thinking of playing?