Looking for a group for me and my friends

Hello to all of you, you awsome and beautiful people of
the Empire
My name is Shmulik and I am from Israel
Me and some friends wants to come to one of the evants and I am very excited and liked the consept of dawn, My friends and I want to join to one of the groups in dawn and I woud like your help in finding a group that is freindly to newcomers for Empire, and tolerant of foreigners, We have some expirience as larpers in Israel and we know how to fight
Hope to hear from all of you soon, Shmulik


Hello Shmulik, and welcome to the forum and the game!

You have a bit of time to plan things, as (alas) event 3 (mid-July) is cancelled this year, but event 4 (in September) looks likely.

(Any travel restrictions… well, we’ll have to wait and seee)

Speaking as a Dawnish player myself, I suspect you’ll have a lot of fun!

While you could join a group (and there are a fair few which would be happy to take you), you could also form a group of your own? You and you friends… how many?

…what comes to mind now is recent in-game events of the last couple of years, including Dawnish armies knocking back the Druj barbarians in the north-east… enter a small group of rescued prisoners/slaves, inspired by the Dawnish conquests to move to Dawn and make a name for themselves… (just a concept off the top of my head)

Bear in mind that Larp varies from country to country, so you may need a local refresher when you drop by. That said, many of the basics likely carry over.

(Actually, I’m now intrigued… does your local Larp have a website I could look at? It might also help as a frame of reference)

For picking out a group, what sort of things are you looking for? Martial groups, magical ones, troubadour ones, a bit of everything…?

Happy to discuss this further, answer questions, etc.

You may also find it useful to ask on the Dawnish Facebook page, linked below: