Looking for a lost necklace - specifically, handed to an NPC

On Saturday at about 4pm I was in the Winter chamber and handed a ribboned necklace to the herald in the tent (the first one to be present, specifically), as we were told we could offer “tribute” as well as pass messages to various eternals.
I assumed that this was a planned thing and there’d be use in the eternal - who’d possibly be physrepped later - to have an actual physrepped item and not just a ribbon. So I handed the physrep with ribbon attached to the herald.

Now, unfortunately it seems that the physrep never came back to GOD. I thought I’d post here in case anyone happened to know, on the crew end, where it might have ended up, as I’d quite like the physrep back! I checked lost property several times and asked at Monster but was basically told it was probably lost forever, probably in the kit the NPC was wearing or in the box of crew jewellery.