Looking for a new group

Are any groups in Urizen recruiting at the moment? I’ve been in Urizen since late last year and made two events this year as a Way priest camped with Phoenix Reach. Illness at the first event and a foot injury at the second stopped me doing anything active and have about killed my keen. I’m looking for a fresh start in a different group as a different character.

I think most of the groups are open to new joiners, it might be better to ask on the Facebook group rather than here, the Facebook group is a lot more active.

Do you have an idea for the character you might want to play?

Thanks Ariadne. I’m thinking of a warrior or warrior/physician.

I’m aware of the facebook group but don’t use FB for anything larp related so restricted to forums.

Phoenix Reach are the most military focused of the spires, but I believe the Endsmeet, Auric Horizon, Echostorm and Stormblood all field sizeable sentinel teams, and I should probably know the minority spires better than I do.

Warrior/physician doesn’t jump out as automatically fitting or bit working with any of them, do you know anyone in the other groups that might away your decision?

Auric Horizon are probably the most magically focused, in that we field mostly battlemages or ritualists who strap on heavy armour to fight.

Halcyon are recruiting and we welcome just about any character build! Although we are a very small group mostly focussed on magic, we both fight in battles, and our Director of Security is a respected sentinel and has served as general’s adjutant.
Have a look at my post on the recruitment thread and let me know if the group appeals. :slight_smile:

There’s also Netherwatch Spire, a new group that’s trying to get into the thick of things. We have a fair few sentinels atm, so it could be for you :slight_smile: (Day Lore 1 would be appreciated, mind.)

See also: new-players/recruitment-t1500.html#p12274

Thanks Nyeri and Curse-Breaker. I’ve accepted an offer from Shatterspire to join their group so looking forward to seeing everyone in the field.