Looking for a round shield and sword


Totally a long shot, hoping someone might have some simple bits to get rid of- E2 will be my first LARP event and I want to try a bit of everything, including battle, so am looking for some cheapish second hand gear.

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You may not need to buy anything, if you ask around in your nation, get your Egregore and the new player team to help introduce you to people, someone should be willing to lend you a sword and possibly a shield too. I’m sure if you find a group of people to go to battle with they’ll be happy to help you get kitted out for it, as after all that’s an extra body with a sword in their gang :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the advice- I have managed to beg use of a shield so I will hope for the best and try to borrow a sword as you’ve suggested.

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It would be handy to know which Nation you will be joining. If you join their Facebook group I’m sure someone will offer to help you find your feet.

Brass Coast. I’m giving her a hand where I can, hopefully as a nation we can make sure she’s covered!

Tis true- you are being most helpful. I also have a friend who I’ve discovered is Highguard and has put me in touch with a few people from the Brass Coast via Facebook.