Looking for house orzell

hey im George and will be joining empire in September and after talking to gaz kelleher (sir corbin) and was told house orzell would be a good place to start. ill be playing an apothecary with a sword, and needed some dawnish players to play with. ive been fencing for 4 years now and know a lot about modern fencing but would like to get some hema stuff taught as well
p.s my ingame character will be Sebastian clarke aka bastion

Hi George,

Nice to hear from you.

Yes come play with us. We are very much a fighty household. Mark Gilbert is our Warmaster and he is a Fight Club and Hema champion.


Cheers putting a shield together any colors or insignia you guys use

profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … ouse_Orzel

I’m not from Orzel but this might help.


Red and black are our colours. We usually go with red shields with an eagle plus a personal insignia.

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