Looking for more information and giving LRP a try


I recently became interested in LRP after attending a panel on the subject in which empire was recommended as a good event. I know next to nothing about LRP however and would find it useful to attend an event to see for myself what it is about. I don’t want to spend a fortune on it however as if I decide it’s not for me I don’t want to have spent all my savings on it.
I would be interested in finding ways to get involved and where to get the basic equipment I would need.(I am a student so info on any student discounts would be welcome)

The events are cheaper if you book in advance (I think for students in advance they are around £45 and their is a new player discount code any existing player can give you which is £15 off.) trying to get to the one this weekend be more expensive, although by how much I have no idea (as well as somewhat challenging in terms of getting kit and getting a character sorted etc.) Honestly for what you get the student price is really good value for money.

Does your university, or a nearby one have a LARP society*? not only is it a really cheap way to get involved since they have basic kit and weapons, you might be able to meet people in a group before hitting the field. Also would be a way of giving it a try before Easter.

Another option might be try seeing if you could crew one of the player events with combat, there are a few in the next few months, crewing is generally cheaper and you’ll get to meet some of the players OOC around it.

Kit, honestly have a look at the nations pages first, empire has 10 different nations and each nation has a very different look and field, and this means there is a lot of advice specific to a nation. For instance advice on Dawn’s Arthurian knight look, are very different from how to achieve the worn battered look of the Imperial Orcs.
Although you will need generic camping kit as well, so tent (and given some of empire’s weather I would caution against a really cheap tent), sleeping bag etc so that can add to your first time event costs

Groups may be able to help out to some degree, loaning some items of kit, or at least giving advice on where you can get kit or advice on making it. Although again, having an idea of nation would help here.

*Of the top of my head, Warwick (in Coventry despite name), Cambridge, Oxford, Angelia Ruskin, Durham, Glasgow (although that’s a local group rather than a LARP group), Nottingham, York.

If you can tell us roughly where you are in the world between us we can probably recommend a local game for you to try out.

The next event is this coming Friday until Sunday. The next event after that will be the Easter bank holiday weekend in 2016.

Each event is £60 with early booking discount (IE book a month in advance). The “on the gate” price is £70. For your first event, any current player can give you a first time recruitment code to take £15 off, making your first event £45 for a 4 day event. This cost includes space for camping, but you will need to provde your own tent. You can use any tent to camp in the Out of Character area, but you need a medieval one to camp in the In Character area. However the difference in just a few minutes walk.

For kit, you only need a basic costume suitable for the nation you select. Weapons and armour can get pricy, but battle is optional. You can always come to an event and volunteer for playing a monster for a few hours (in the “Monstering” slot) to get a feel for the battle portion of the game before investing in expensive LARP weapons and armour. Empire is great in the way that there is so much to do without even taking the battlefield.

I would recommend reading the wikipedia site: profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … /Main_Page

“The Game” link will give you an overview of the setting.

“The Nations” will give you an overview of the Nations you can select when you decide your character, and also has some good links for selecting a costume.

“The Rules” is the main section you need to read to get a feeling of the game and what you might need to bring.

Edit: Every nation as far as I know has a Facebook page, so you can join those and ask around about each nation from the players there as well.

I’m from Birmingham but am studying at Newcastle university (unfortunately there is no uni society). I have some camping equipment (small 2 man tent, sleeping bag etc.) from DofE expeditions.
If you can recommend local games in the Newcastle upon Tyne area that would be great and I’ll get in touch with the Facebook groups to see if I can get more information there on costumes etc. and I’ll likely look at trying to get some stuff sorted for Easter as I’ll be back in B’ham for the Easter holidays.

Newcastle has pretty good public transport links to Durham, and DUTT (the Durham LARP society) isn’t limited to students - that would be my first port of call in the area. community.dur.ac.uk/treasure.trap/ is the only slightly out of date website, from which you can probably find someone to contact, or there will probably be ten DUTTers along in a minute to say hi…

There’s also a Fools and Heroes group actually based in Newcastle - foolsandheroes.org/newcastle/ - I think they overlap slightly less with Empire players, but I might just be showing my biases :wink:.

There is also a £15 student discount and the two stack (So your first event would be £30)

If you’ve done D of E you should be fine for the camping equipment.

Fools and Heroes has quite a lot of overlap with Empire, though maybe not the Newcastle branch so much (though I’ve seen at least some of them at Empire).

Newcastle branch tend to adventure a couple of times a month (first Saturday and third Sunday, I believe). They specialise in long night-time linear adventures, which are great fun.

There are a couple of FnH branches near Birmingham, too, so you can keep playing whether you’re at home or at university :slight_smile:

Fools & Heroes is mostly about short (half day) adventures, rather than weekend fest events like Empire. We do several fest a year, too, but they’re on a smaller scale than Empire.

If money is an issue and you want to see if LRP is for you , I would reiterate trying an Empire (or ODC) event as Crew.

Crew are very well taken care of and it is a wonderful atmosphere backstage. It will still cost transport down, but the meal tickets should cover your hot food and then some (I’ve still never used my full batch in one event!).

I did send an email just in case but I am looking at coming down cause if I can get the student discount and new player discount as mentioned above then its not too expensive and I can get a lift as I’m less than an hour away. That way I can look at getting some items in person from the traders (though I might just check the charity shops tomorrow, for belts etc.) so I can actually see the items and talk with traders and other people face to face. I could also then try volunteering to monster to try combat and actually experience the event first hand.

There is a New Player meeting before time in (6pm) on Friday, and that team are lovely and will help you get to know the game. I should know the time off hand but I don’t (sorry!) but someone at the main desk (GOD) will be able to tell you when and where.


I’m in a similar position and I’ve been considering coming to this weekend’s event. However I wouldn’t get there until late in the evening on Friday and would need to head back home on the Sunday (hardly seems worth it does it?).

Are there any South East groups that I can meet locally instead and would allow me to try out my LRP prowess?