Looking for someone from Cantiarch's Hold


I am looking to contact the mother of Nina of Canthiarch’s Hold. I’m terrible with names, so sorry for forgetting :smiley:

Hi there. You’re looking for Lori who plays Nira. I’ve sent a message letting her know you’re trying to get hold of her.

That is nira. I’m not sure she has an account here. I’m husband of / father of. Is there anything I can do? I’ll point her here too though and see what happens.

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Thanks for the replies guys! Have sent a PM to both of you.

Hello. This is me.

Cake for the Empire!

Have sent you a PM.

Hi Lori,

Are you getting my PM’s? If not could you drop me an email at Marius@AuricHorizon.co.uk please :slight_smile:

We are in Barcelona on a working holiday, normal service should be resumed at the end of the weekend.

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