Looking for the Cartel of the New Promise

Specifically, a fellow named J’zar.

The reason being, I made two arrangements for OOC purchases last year, and he was either making me some pauldrons to fit a camera inside (for sneaky ‘first person’ battle footage) or he was making me an in character sewing kit and I can’t remember which it was…

Hi, ill give john a nudge in this direction :slight_smile:

Heya, I wasn’t making them I was just the courier, but it was the camera pauldrons. You want this guy.

Unfortunately I only returned to facebook because there was a thriving Empire community there. When it was disbanded, I had no reason to remain there…in retrospect I should perhaps have stayed until my OOC business with other players had been concluded.

Would one of you kindly let him know that I haven’t forgotten or evaded this arrangement, and that I intend to try and find him at the next game?

He doesn’t come to Empire I’m afraid, but I’ll be couriering again now I know where you are. I’ll get him to dig them back out and give them to me before E1.