Looking Glass Artwork


Hi, this is Mel (Magda) here to say that if you have been drawn by me in any issue of The Looking Glass, you can have that image for your very own!

You can pay-what-you-want for the image by dropping me a line at melissatrender@gmail.com or a message on FB.

’What is pay-what-you-want’ I hear you ask.

Well because the image was created for it’s primary use in The Looking Glass, I do not charge my usual commission rate and simply ask for a tip to acknowledge that this is my profession and I put a lot of time and effort into my work.

’How much is appropriate’ I hear you cry.

Literally anything, we all have different budgets, however if you’re looking for guidance £5-£30 is the ball park. Less is fine, more is fine

’But who actually drew me’ you call to the heavens.

The Looking Glass is illustrated by more than just me, if you’re unsure about who drew you, drop us a message via this page and we’ll be happy to direct you.

‘You’ve not drawn me but I wish to support you because life is better with more art in it and I like to keep my artists well stocked in baked beans and their favourite marker pens’ you enthuse magnanimously!

Well thank you, here is my patreon!: