Looking like a mage

So I’m throwing together some gear, what’s the best way to always be notices as a mage?

The biggest factor here is going to be your nation, an Urizeni Stargazer looks different to Varushkan Volhov looks different to a league Montebank.

Secondly what Realm do you practice and what tradition(s), if any, do you use. Runes and constellations can make good highlights and edging depending on fabric.

Thirdly do you intend to take the battlefield in this kit?

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Navarr battle mage, connected through the tunes of prosperity and war

  • Are you a Vate? If so, you likely have a tattoo marking this oath.

  • Which school / tradition / ‘language’ of magic do you practice? In Navaar, blood magic is popular but as Ricohard has said, runes and constellations are good symbols of being Interested In Magic

  • Which Realms do you practice? Prosperity and War sounds like Autumn and Summer to me, but there’s scope for various different ones in there. Each has a realm glyph which you could incorporate into your kit.

  • Have you joined an Order? Each will have its own symbol, for example for the Silver Chalice it’s a cup emblazoned with the rune of blood.

  • What implements do you use? A staff, wand or rod tends to scream ‘mage’ in a way other weapons don’t