Looking to Contact

A lady from Shimmerspire, possibly ‘Eugenia’

And does anyone know if Tarquinius is likely to return to Anvil ?

Both are Militia officers.


I take it you mean Tarquinius Echostorm as opposed to shouty Tarquinius Endsmeet then. =P

As far as I am aware he does not frequent these boards (neither do I usually, but yay for whims), but he is intending to go to E1 next year.

I couldn’t tell you about the lady from Shimmerspire I am afraid. Have you tried the Urizen Facebook group? =)

If you do know Tarquinius’s real life could you poke him for me ? There is an Anvil Militia FB group That I would like to introduce him to.

Thank you

Mark [Arkat]