Looking to join the Marches, New to Empire

I’ve heard it’s hard to go solo in Empire and none of my friends are willing to LARP (yet).
I’m looking to start in 2020, probably E2 (but earlier if I can) and the Marches looks like a good fit for me.
Are there any groups that would be willing to take me under their wing?
I’m thinking of Chirurgeon and possibly Artisan as my starting skills, with maybe physick or weapon master (for the polearm I haven’t got).
I’ve got some kit, but wanted to make sure I’m buying the right stuff before I get too far in.

Hopefully there’s a group that doesn’t mind a questioning noob tagging along.


Can’t help you find a group, as such, but I am a solo Marcher and I do okay. It depends what you want to get out of the game. As a healer and an artisan you could do well enough helping at the hospital and setting up deals to sell your wares, but having a group is massively helpful for getting access to resources and the levers of power.

That being said, I’m sure there are households who’d be happy to have an extra healer on deck. Maybe try the Facebook group Empire LRP: The Marches if Facebook is a thing you do.

Thanks. Resource access for crafting is a thing I’m slightly worried about. Having very little larp combat experiance I’m happy supporting others and keeping weapons or armour in good sted.

Welcome along, Bristly_Stranger, to the game and these forums!

The Marchers are almost certain to have several groups recruiting, and are also one of those nations that (I think) you can happily tag along with a group with little formal attachment.

Chirugeon/Physick is a good way to jump in and play the medic game. You will likely be in demand, and only really need to know 3 or 4 skills.

Artisan is more complex, but I am happy to walk you through it on request. It does get you starting with some shiny magic items, and you will likely find more friends/customers quite quickly. Trading for the resources needed will also keep you busy and bustling about the field :slight_smile:

In terms of Marcher you need some sort of trousers or leggings, a tunic or shirt, and for preference a few suitable accessories (belt, belt pouches, suitable hat). These can be bought on field (many traders at Empire), acquirred in second-hand shops or online (prices and quality varies), or indeed both (Das Shop, a trader at Empire, does costume swaps, and likely has piles of the fairly generic stuff you’ll need, second+ hand…). Actual group colours/insignia may even be easier, as many established groups may have a belt tag, a sash, or even a tabard that they can pass out to new characters.

Happy to answer further questions (including resources for crafting), and here is the link to the Marchers FB page:


Thanks, I may be picking your brain about crafting at some point soon.
I have a couple of swords and bits of armour. Pouches and bags are kind of sorted and trousers and a cloak are in the post.
I know my character is going to be a mine owner from Mournwold (who hasn’t got out much till now).
That way I can get one of the resources I need and have a reason for not knowing much about the Empire.
I kind of wanted to find a group before selecting what I can craft. That way I can be more useful in the long run.

Mournwold… has had a busy few years of stuff.

The short story is: it was conquered by orcs from the west (the Jotun), held by them for many years, and recaptured in a campaign where the Empire did a LOT of damage on the way. Mournwold thus was hopping mad, and the Empire has spent a while calming them down.

Perfectly reasonable for a mine owner to only just have decided to come to the capital city to trade.

Artisan working, an example:

  1. Bristly starts a character with a mine (let’s say Green Iron) and takes Artisan skill. He takes several items that use lots of Green Iron. In order of rising complexity/price/power we will call them A, B, C and D.
  2. In his character pack he gets a pile of Green Iron from his mine, and the magic item ribbons for A (3 events use), B (2 events use) and C (1 events usage left). And 18 rings cash.
  3. Joining his group, he is able to give A to the group leader and B to someone else within the group. C he keeps, as it’s a kick-ass item he can use.
  4. The group happily gives him some resources, and he goes trading round the nation and the field.
  5. Swapping some of the Green Iron he doesn’t need, and a few of the other resources, Bristly acquires enough resources to make another A and another B in his downtime. He hasn’t quite got enough for a C.
  6. Before 17:00 on Sunday, Bristly hands in his resources at GOD, and a crown of cash.
  7. Downtime opens. Bristly selects from his drop-down menus, and makes one more A, one more B, and 3 vials of Artisans Oil (it’s a free recipie, quite handy, and costs 1 crown to make). This takes his character 3 months, IE, until the next event.
  8. At the next event, his C has run out. In his character pack he gets more Green iron, another 18 rings, and the ribbons for A (4 events usage) and B (4 events usage). And three cards labelled Artisans Oil.
  9. Returning to his group… the cycle starts again!

Artisan is a relatively slow game, but quite a satisfying one. It also allows you to start with a power boost, and buff your very grateful friends :slight_smile:


Very happy to hear of a Mournwold miner coming to Anvil. I don’t know every Marcher, obviously, but it feels like an under-represented part of the brief.

I’ve tried to join the facebook Marches, I’ve not heard back yet.
The only facebook I have is also linked to my youtube, so I hope they don’t think its some kind of toxic fishing.
I was very keen to keep larp and you tube as seperate things, maybe talking about the experiance after.
Hopefully it hasn’t put them off me

  • There are definitely Mournwold miners in play, just not very many.
  • If you let us know your FB handle here, then it can come to the attention of the FB Mod.

Cool, it’s Bristly Stranger just to keep things simple :grinning:

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