Looking to join the Urizen nation


E1 2019 will be my first Empire event (and I’m going solo). Out of all the nations Urizen really calls to me but it seems to be the least talked about nation and therefore outside the wiki it’s hard to get more personal player accounts.

If any one can tell me what they like about Urizen, tips on rp and costume and general experience of what it is like to be Urizen. I would be very grateful.

Also if anyone knows of any Urizen groups I could meet when I’m there please hit me up.

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Welcome to the game and the forums!

I’ve never played Urizen, so can’t comment on that, although I’m sure there’ll be a few Urizeni players along to chat!

There are many Urizen groups (generally known as X Spire) at Anvil, and while you can go completely solo, I would advise seeing if you can find some contacts and make some freinds before you pitch up, even if you don’t join a group.

Urizen has hard a hard year or three… invaded from the south by the Grendel (we beat them back), the conflict awakening the Black Plateau (…it’s a long story. And quite nasty), and then the Druj swept in over the eastern passes, overunning Zenith province completely and pushing Imperial armies halfway across the Urizeni heartland of Morrow…

In terms of RP and impressions, they generally get played as a people of iron control, precise with their actions, steady in their nerve, and decisive with their blades and spells. No hugging please.

Their costume tends towards flowing robes and ornate armour. I particularly like their guidance “You are not Jedi. You are not Elves.” But in costume terms, it’s pretty close sometimes.

The Urizeni camp is often the brightest (due to their OOC love of fairy lights) the quietest (not a shouty people) and the closest to the Regio (big circle of magic rocks).

There is also the Urizen category on these forums, I’m not sure if you’ve found it, or how much use the discussions will be to you…

Oh, and their Facebook group:

Hope that helps!

Out of curiosity, what about Urizen calls to you?

also, here is the link to the Empire (unoficial) discord/ Urizen page. Its got pages for all the nations, special interest areas for the game and more. its very causal and may provide more info for you.

Hi Olivia! I currently play a Sentinel in Urizen. Its an absolutely brilliant place to roleplay full of lovely people! Some of the best things about Urizen are that its a very friendly nation, as one of the smaller nations on the field you’ll definitely be quickly noticed and be able to get involved in stuff. One of Urizen’s USPs is that its a high fantasy nation in a low fantasy world- other than the Imperial Orcs its probably the nation that’s least like a historical society. Our brief is full of interesting cues for roleplay like Poise and the Net of the Heavens, well worth reading up on them on the wiki. One of the common misconceptions about Urizen are that we’re unemotional, the reverse is true, its just that Urizeni strive to master and direct their emotions toward productive ends. The camp is outwardly calm and serene, but there is constant roleplay drama happening and plenty of partying and music at night if thats your thing! In terms of kit a lot depends on what sort of character type you’d like to play, common elements include long outer robes, waist sashes, sleeves that billow at the elbow, and high collars. As for groups, again it depends what sort of character you want to play and what you enjoy doing in game- for example Phoenix Reach is a Sentinel citadel focused on the military game and summer magic, and acts as the nation’s social centre with bards and drinking until the small hours, Auric Horizon, Echostorm, Ankarien have many powerful mages, Enlightenment spire is like an artists cafe ran by wizards, Netherwatch is strong in trade and spring magic. Please feel free to ask me any specific questions you might have. I’d very much recommend joining the FB group as the nation’s Egregores are on there and will be able to give definitive answers to some questions.


Hi Olivia

I play as a an Urizeni as part of Netherwatch Spire. I lead one of the smaller covens in Urizen (Spring Magic). Urizens great as we can be very reserved and vocal ta the same time. It’s a smaller nation, which I prefer as people feel more they like they know each other. There’s also lots of RP oppurtinties going on with Urizen on at the moment. We’ve done everything from storm meetings (with poise), to publish several informative leaflets which annoy other nations.
As always the group is open for people to come and talk to,and all the groups in Urizen will happily talk to new people and chat to them in the field.

I’d also recommend the linked FB page, everyone is always super helpful, and there is a list of current spires on the page as well, if you wanted to find out more.
Costume is always stand out, the best advice is to look at materials. Initally the brief was to try and look like a watercolour painting that style pallet. Yet over time its move more away from that, yet is still clearly urizeni. Many spires at the moment use a single dark colour with the pastels to make it stand out (Like Reds, Blues, Greens and Purples)

If you have any specific questions then I’m happy to be messaged and help. I primarily work with the magic side of things, where as in terms of fighting, Brad probably nows more. It depends what kind of game you’re interested in.


Thanks for your reply. I’m not really sure what I want to get into, as it’s my first event. I know for sure that I won’t be getting involved with combat this time but if it sparks my interest it could be something for future events also it’s seems that trading would be hard when I don’t know much about the world.
I’m thinking of playing a seer or stargazer archetype.

In your opinion is it best to find a group OOC or wait until I’m IC?

Also, side note do people play healers in Urizen.

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Thanks for your help, do you know what kind of material is most suitable and popular in the nation?

Seers and Stargazers are fun archetypes and should enable you to see a good portion of the game and nation☺ Also if you’re not quite sure on exactly what you want to do you can leave spending your XP until you’re on the field and have had a chance to try things out. One good approach to finding a group is to arrive either on the Thursday afternoon or early on the friday and spend some time with people OC in the nation camp, theres usually a lot of OC parties on the Thursday night which can be a great way to find out how you get on with the people in each group and which has the right vibe for you. Yes there are many healers in Urizen, both mage healers and physicks, and both combat and non-combat. Many non-combat healers gravitate to the Anvil Hospital, which is a whole sub-game of its own. There are several notable Urizen physicks there who would be able to help you get into that game.

Thanks so much, you have really made this whole thing clearer for me.
I was not sure if I should go on the Thursday but now as I’m new it seems like the best option for me.
Let’s hope I have a great first event!

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That helps a lot. I definitely need to read up on the history and recent events so I’m not totally ignorant to what people are talking about.

I hope you have a great first event as well! Make sure you come and say hello, ask for Brad or BC if OC, Antimedes if IC, on the Thursday nights Ill often be found lurking around Phoenix Reach/Scarlet Guard/Ankarien tents.

Hold your horses. You don’t NEED to read up on everything. The wiki is large, the history substantial, especially the in game stuff.

Read the basic stuff on your nation.
Read the stuff on your home province.
Get some idea on what your skills do.

That’s all you need to start with.

Reading through everything on your nation may help get a better understanding of it.
Reading up on a section that you or your character are interested in (Autumn Eternals, to pick an example at random) might help.
Reading in detail one of the Winds of War* that is relevant to your interests will give you a conversation starter in play.

These are optional.

Reading up the entire wiki and/or the complete up-time history of your nation is likely to exhaust you before the game begins :slight_smile:

Take your time, start with the basics, feel free to ask for in-game explanations to such questions as:
“Vallorn? WTF?”
“Dawn? Why… everything?”
“Why are mana crystals so damn expensive?”

Going on Thusday as a new player, if you can, is likely a good start. You can chat to folk, hear stories, do some shopping, make many new friends, go to the Newbie Workshops, and get a good introduction to the game. Strongly reccomended.

*The Winds of War are the downtime battle reports of what the armies etc have done over the last “season”. The Winds of Fortune are the non-military developments. None, any or all could be important to you. They should be out a month or so before the first event, and before each other event as the year progresses. They tend to be AWESOME!


As Geoffrey Says You don’t need to read about everything.
Just figure out where your character has been/what your character has been doing the last few years. Have they been isolated at home in Urizen and not ventured out. (In which case you may know about thr Druj and Grendel attacks recently).
Or have you been elsewhere, there’s a lot of information and you really don’t need to know all of it, most people are happy to explain stuff on the field.
I play a stargazer and its very fun, there’s quite a few of us in Urizen and it always makes for interesting conversation.Also if trading is something you’re interested in, don’t worry about being new, there are several people/traders who are happy to teach and aid other new traders in the nation.
As for finding a group, I’d always recommend waiting until the field, just so you can see what it’s like and where you fit in. As a new player I didn’t travel down the Thursday before but came the Friday early, and its still gives time to chat and meet up with people.
In terms of material I find cotton and silk works well but again it depends a lot on hat kind of kit you’d like, there’s plenty of room in the brief to customise.
Also if you’re ever stuck for something to do, or just want to look around then find Ibiss IC he’ll happily point you in the right direction


I’m really enjoying Urizen! It’s quite a small nation which I enjoy because nearly everybody knows everyone else, so it actually feels like a vaguely coherent group. Not everyone gets on with everyone else, but after a few events you should be vaguely familiar with all the groups. It’s also got a lot of plot at the moment, only one territory doesn’t currently have major issues and even that has a territory curse on it. The Urizen brief lends itself very well to several aspects of the game - I’ve already touched on war but magic obviously, theology goes very well with the reason and ambition aspects there isn’t really any area of the game which is off-brief as long as you approach it the right way. The interpersonal stuff is fascinating as well, at first it looks distant but actually for a serial ballgowner it just means new and different material to play with. So it’s very hard to get bored.


Ex Urizen here, and not ashamed to admit that I’ll be going right back as soon as my current character dies.

I think for me the best and most iconic part of the Urizen brief is how much emphasis is placed on small gestures. Displays of emotion are far more acceptable in the nation than most outsiders think, but they’re always supposed to be deliberate and intentional, which leads to a situation where the difference between a friendly nod in passing and touch of hands ( or clasping hands after fights etc) becomes immensely important. There’s a beautiful economy of words and actions, some of the most important conversations of my last characters life literally took less than a dozen words.

The other cool thing about the brief is that arette can be literally anything you like. If you want to be the best baker in the Empire that’s a legitimate focus. If you want to be the best battlemage/sentinel/politician/scout whatever then people will respect that as well. There’s a place for everyone.

Also, the “rational above all else” attitude has enough wiggle room for some excellent debates, so if nothing else is going on you can usually get a good IC discussion going on, even if nothing else is happening.


Arbiter of Oblivion’s Edge here! We’re based in Spiral, near to the Black Plateau. Healers are very much needed in Urizen, especially here where the hallucinogenic effects of the BP tend to take hold. We are a citadel of battlemages and archers, so you’d be very useful here! :wink:

As for Urizen generally - we believe in Poise and Arete, and have a better sense of personal space than others.

Poise is the control of our emotions. We have a reputation for being emotionless - which just isn’t true - in fact we’re just better at controlling it than the lowlanders. Arete is the pursuit of perfection in something yet knowing that you’re always learning. Thus the citizen who thinks they are perfect at a thing they do, is thought of as a fool.

If an Urizeni lets you into their personal space, it means a lot more to us than it usually would to a lowlander. Handshakes to us are equivalent to a hug elsewhere; a hug to us is like a kiss on the cheek to others. We greet strangers with a bow of the head rather than a handshake. We just value it more :wink:

Voting in the nation is based on strength of magical ability. Nobody is looked down upon for having a different Arete, or for spending all their XP on other skills; nevertheless we believe politics and magic are intertwined.


You only get to vote though if you’re a ritualist XD. I always wondered what they did in spires full of Sentinels. For a while I wanted to be in Urizen, so good luck to thee, but eventually I went for the Brass Coast instead.

You influence the Political situation via the Net of the Heavens, which, used correctly, is far more powerful than mere voting!

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Now that’s exactly what a magiocrat would say; riva the Urizeni revolution! Votes to muggles! Etc XD

My character that died at e1 didn’t have the vote, and neither will my next character, Sentinel 4 lyfe. If you don’t have the vote, you haven’t alienated anyone you’ve voted against, and all you have to do is influence the people who get elected😉

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