Looting Magic Items

If on the battlefield there was dead orc/ dead individual with a magic item, could you take the ribbon seeing as theyve died they wont be able to use it anymore? Or would that be frowned upon?

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The short and curly’s is just take the ribbon if its an orc on the battle field. Also ask the loot’ee what they prefer if its a PC.

If you are stealing Ribbon’d items from anvil then take the whole item to GoD.
One question I do have is if you have to cut a ribbon, can GoD reprint it?

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If someone’s made the effort of putting a magic item on a monster, that’s almost certainly because they want to deliver it to the playerbase.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to actually use that magic item unless you can get it magically bonded to you by a magician. You would also need to find a magician to tell you what the magic item is so you know what it does.

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Also if you are monstering, please pay attention to your monster brief before looting a player, as some explicitly say “DO NOT LOOT”.

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I would even go as far as to say in all but the strictest exceptions

We can reprint any ribbon, but you have to bring the cut ribbon with you as proof that you need it replacing. That goes for any ribbon, if it gets difficult to read, so long as we can figure out what it is, we can reprint it.

Ask the monster, quietly, as on very rare occasions a player brings their IC weapon to monster with and forgets/doesn’t want to remove the ribbon.

If a monster says “that ribbon is not there”, I believe you need to respect that, as they may have just derped.

However, a ref might say that an OC derp of that magnitude deserves an IC loss.

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I have been asked as a downed monster if the ribbon on the weapon was mine or not. It wasn’t so I just took it off my phys rep for them.

Everytime I’ve gone monstering as part of our elite monster unit there have been a scattering of items given to us with the expectation that they’ll be used against the players and then eventually looted. It’s probably not worth checking every single monster you down, but if you think they have something funky on them it’s worth having a look.

Just remember that not everyone is ok with being grabbed and physically searched. Under the rules you should only physically search someone if the player indicates that they are ok with it. Otherwise wave your hands about over them for 30 seconds and then they have to hand over anything lootable they have on them.

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I’m a little confused what the in-game logic is for looting magic items. I mean we can all SEE that it has a ribbon on it but IC there is no ribbon nor is there (AFIK) sparkly magic radiating from it. Yet it seems to be perfectly normal for people to loot magic items without taking the orc’s entire kit and casting DetMag over it. Any explanation appreciated!

‘Magical items are indicated by a ribbon, stamped by Profound Decisions that indicates that the item is visually unusual and has special abilities.’



In terms of what you could talk about IC: Most of these items are made of magical materials, many of which are a notably different colour from steel or Mithril. That blade with the jade gem in hilt might indicate alot of tempest jade was used in it’s crafting etc. Now obviously most people will fail to physrep this, particularly as a monster.

They might IC have some symbols that reasonate with the effect, this is commonly likely to be runes but nothing stops it being a different tradtion,


I’ve always imagined that when you see that bit of ribbon, that’s basically the equivalent of all the hairs on the back of your arm standing up straight. I think of it as powerful effects having a taste or being like static build up. They just stand out due to their innate magical or spiritualness. It’s something that’s hard to miss.


I see that ribbon, and I see an item of great quality and craftsmanship. With gilding, inlaying. Unique materials used and runes etched along.

Its a suspension of belief. No one is going out and buying a new sword for each new ribbon.
On the battle field its a practical issue. You cant take an orcs sword as they need it re-spawn with.


Cool answers, thanks - that certainly helps me ‘visualise’ it a bit better.

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