Lost Cause?

Hey Imperial Citizens

So I don’t…
Or Use Facebook.

Am I literally the least suitable person to go LARPing? Too many obstacles to overcome?


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You’ve found the forum, so i reckon there is hope for you.


There are nice teahouses at Empire…
a shuttlebus from nearest public transport…
and I played Empire for years, before joining Facebook to co-ordinate my groups camping…

Do you have an imagination?

Because that’s the minimum criteria…


There’s loads to do without drinking, and plenty of players don’t drink! There’s tea houses, plays, music, food… and all that plus drinking is just extra fluff on top of the core game! The key parts of the game are stuff like Conclave, Synod, national problems, morning battles, skirmishes, etc., none of which will require you to go anywhere near booze unless your group is meeting in one of the bars.

If you don’t drive you can always try to angle for a lift from someone you know; have you got any friends heading in that direction, or any you could convince to come LARPing with you? Some groups also do ride sharing. There’s a minibus service from the nearest train station, though that does add the price of a ticket + the effort of carrying your stuff to the cost of the weekend.

I didn’t touch any of the Facebook stuff until after my first two events: I just asked on the forums. When I did start using Facebook for Empire, I actually made a separate Facebook account just for my Empire business! If you’re not a social media kind of person then it might still be worth making an account just for Empire and leaving out any personal details you don’t want to share. All important news gets posted here or even emailed to you, so you won’t miss anything by not being on Facebook, but the Facebook groups are a lot more active than the forums here.

I don’t think any of these obstacles are all that preventative when it comes to attending Empire, so I’d honestly suggest not to worry too much!


Hey keep an eye on the announcements here and make sure when you create an account on https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/ edit your account details so the box that says “email me Empire updates” is ticked, you should then get all the important news.

There’s a free minibus from Banbury, but you can usually find a few people at the station to share a taxi with to site.

And also not drinking gives you an edge, I know some people who swear by it. Not only can you stay up late and keep role-playing, you can also get up in the morning to battle or monster without a hangover.

Got any other questions? Which nations are striking your fancy atm?



I also don’t drive and rarely drink alcohol. I only joined the Fb groups after my first event or two. It’s really not necessary, you just get a few more picture memes. Nobody at the game says ‘did you see on Facebook…’ We’re in the world itself, we’re too busy being in character!

However, I highly recommend getting someone else to drive your heavier items. A friend, or someone who lives in your area and goes to Empire, or someone from the group you’ve decided to join who can lend you an airbed and pump/tent/pick up some groceries for you for cash on site.

I have, however, managed to arrive with everything I strictly needed for one adult and one child by public transport. The minibus is fun, but the Sunday wait can be long. Or it’s £10 per person for taxi shares, which happens a lot from the people waiting for the minibus.

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Or someone in your aforementioned group might give you a lift to a station, or there’s a bus about a half hour’s walk away that runs to Milton Keynes.

Joining a group is optional, but helps.

All water (free and plentiful) and food can be had on site, and shops also have some blankets and camping gear.

You need to pay for a ticket on the minibus? :frowning:

No, the minibus is free, but you do need to get to Banbury station first!


Hey everyone.

Thanks for the encouragement.

I guess I forgot to mention the most important fact is that I am dirt poor with no disposable income.

So I was going to volunteer to crew to help with my ticket and meals.

I was going to play a refugee so I could spend my first event in rags and be a non-combat character so I don’t need weapons or armour.

Looks like I can borrow a tent and a camp bed from a friend which is a great start and I can use my real world clothes as blankets and pillows or maybe find an old duvet to use instead of a sleeping bag.

I just need a train ticket and a positive attitude and I am practically there. I even created a PD account!

I was going to join the smallest nation as that way there will probably be things for me to do or ways to make myself useful. But to be honest I just want to attend the new player meetings and wander round mouth agape marvelling at “everything.” In between picking up litter or scrubbing your toilets :slight_smile:


I was also dirt poor when i started.

One of the things that suprised me was how many players are willing to loan kit. A lot of people who have been larping for a while have tried a few differenrt characters so have spare sword/mage rod/sheild or two.

At my first event someone lent me some basic plate armour which meant my character had heavy armour; at another event my girlfriend was leant a really nice sheild for her character.

If i wasn’t bringing my freinds to E1 I’d offer to loan you some of my gear; but if you ask nicely I’m sure someone will help.

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In that case I would recommend checking out Daisy and Jude’s craft tutorials as they show you how to make some of the basics like a T-tunic at minimal cost and with minimal skill. There are lots of tutorials on basic medieval tunics and leg ware out there, those ones will need you to learn how to sew and possibly use a sewing machine, but if you’re skint those are valuable skills to pick up if you’re getting into LARP.

Crewing is a solid choice, looks like there’s space for Site Crew (Red Caps), Gate Crew and Litter Pickers - https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Current_crewing_opportunities depending on how long you can be on site for.

I’d really hunt around for a sleeping bag, get some cheap army surplus/second hand blankets to go over the camp bed and under the sleeping bag but try and get a three season sleeping bag from somewhere (army surplus shop online?) if you can, it really helps.

By my reckoning Brass Coast, Urizen and Varushka are the smaller nations at the moment (including the Imperial Orcs but they require a latex mask to play which is additional cost). So I’d dig into those and see which ones inspire :slight_smile:.


Yep - according to the official numbers for E1 2019, Urizen was the smallest (if we ignore the Imperial Orcs), then Varushka, then the Brass Coast.

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Urizen might be the easiest to play this year, as they have a natural aversion to touching anyway!


So I don’t get to grab a sheet or curtain, cut a hole to stick my head through and tie it off with some rope around the waist? I was going to roll around in the mud and everything to be maximum authentic.
I did want to be an Orc. Being a non-human faction is cool but I can’t afford a mask.

So Urizen was the next one along. As soon as I read about the Heliopticon I knew I had found a home. :slight_smile:

But then I read about the Poise requirement and that is going to be a huge stumbling block. I wanted to embody an elderly character, venerable and a bit deaf who has been held captive and tortured by orcs for many years and so is an emotional whirlpool. But maybe his arc is how he returns to civilisation and regains his peace and tranquillity finding a purpose in Anvil.

Although if all I get is players going “you are roleplaying our nation wrong you idiot, shove off!” Then that could be a real downer :frowning:

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The thing about poise is that it is something that every urizeni character should aspire to, but it’s not something that every character has to be good at!

I think it’s perfectly acceptable to play a character who has lost their poise over the years, and is now working hard to become more poised again.

The other thing to remember about poise is that it isn’t a lack of emotion, but the control of it. So a character who is an emotional whirlpool and (maybe badly) trying to control those emotions seems to me like a good way to approach the ‘poise’ part of the brief.


The thing about characters at Empire is you’re kind of meant to be a hero, as in one of the 1%. Player characters have access to entire mines, businesses and fleets of trade ships.

You can roll in mud and dress in rags, but you might be a little out of place playing such a character.


You shouldn’t get that ever and if you do feel free to report them to conduct.
What you might get is if it looks like you’re having problems, or looking a bit lost someone should point you in the direction of your egregore (Nation spirit) who should be able to give you a hand and a bit of encouragement.

But do also talk to the other people in the nation, the wiki gives guidance but there is no one true way, and asking around before time in how people play the poise angle may give you some good pointers.

Thresher is right, mud would be inappropriate. Slightly worn clothing, or faded perhaps would work. Fortunately if you’re making clothes from second hand bed linens and curtains from charity shops then pre-worn comes already done! A couple of layers of t-tunics, perhaps another one with a split up the front and no sleeves for a robe in several shades of one colour (all blues, or all greys etc), with some plain trousers underneath will do you nicely for Urizen.


Thanks @thresher for reminding me.

That’s a quirky and restrictive but innovative part of the game. I am all for innovation.

The 1% refers to a characters ability not where they fit in a perceived social structure right?

I was going to play a beggar as beggars have loads of fun spreading gossip, eavesdropping, telling fortunes, etc. but then got told there aren’t any. Again another quirky and restrictive but innovative part of the game.

It is probably best to play the bedraggled refugee (with or without mud) for the first event. After all on my way to Anvil I found a whole 18 rings (on the body of a dead orc) and fell down a mine rich in XYZ which I decided to claim as my own. That makes more sense than being scooped up by a fleet of sailing ships whose crew all mysteriously hailed me as their new captain and owner and pledged to give me the profits from everything they do ever despite just having met me. :slight_smile:

And thanks to @CharlieP who is my new hero. People getting bullied at LARPs is no fun.

I did figure that once re-exposed to the nation’s Hedge Magic he would start to heal and regain his Urizani traits.


No, I do mean the 1% of society who are rich, powerful and influential. We are the D&D style heroes with the power to change the world.