Lost property long shot

Bit of a long shot as it relates to kit lost at the first event this year - but numpty that I am I forgot to go to Lost property last event so thought I’d have a punt here.

Lost a chaperon sometime over the first event. It is black with the “bag” part in red lined with a sort of gold brocade material. It is in fact the one in this picture:

cloakedanddaggered.com/wp-co … es-018.jpg

and it’d be rather nice to find it again as it goes with the gown :smiley:

Thanks in advance if anyone has info and I’ll try and remember to go look in the lost and found next time :unamused:

It’s not something I recognise as being in lost property, but, assuming GOD doesn’t have it’s own personal river again, all the lost property will be out to peruse next event.