Lunar eclipse at 2018 E3!


On Friday the 27th of July there will be a total eclipse of the moon in the evening.

Moonrise 8:55 pm (but fully eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow)
Sunset 9:02

The big moment will be 10:13 pm, when the moon starts to emerge from the Earth’s shadow (end of total eclipse, becoming partial).
Then the moon will be clear of the partial eclipse by 11:19 and then clear of the penumbra by 12:28.


Oh grand the moon will go blood red, I’m sure no one (@Andy_Raff) would make use of that particular piece of coincidental set dressing…


As a night / winter mage this pleases me


I was considering going to a conference which might cause me to miss the Friday of E3. I think I’ll give it a miss!


“coincidence”? - they’ve been gently nudging the moon with their tractor beams for years, setting up an ethos that is accepting of system wipes, and all you see is “coincidence”.


So, what crazy conjunction will this cause?


Eclipse of the moon on the first evening of next event!

Just a quick post to bump the thread and draw it to the attention of anyone who hasn’t seen it, or who read it in February and has forgotten since then.


The hour of the golden Oryx approaches


I am staying far away from both Urizen and the mage tent until that is over because I am just a mundane healer who does not need his bones filled with moon-dust when some crazy ritualist fluffs their incantations…