Mage Armor and LED Usage

Hey again all!

Since starting leather working, I’ve been looking into costume-related stuff. One thing that came up (which took my interest) the use of LEDs.

Has anyone used LEDs in their costumes before?

My first thought was to make spaulders for Mage Armor. One piece of leather underneath with a second layer over it. The second layer would have a rune cut into it and some sort of translucent material between the two layers with the LED sat in that sweet spot.

The wiki mentions making it obvious that mage armour isn’t mundane, whether that’s with runic symbolism or via other means. Should (for example) one look into getting said armour enchanted or hallowed, the LED usage would/could further differentiate the armour, plus make it look bloody cool, if you ask me.


GreyFox137 / Josh Furlong

There are leds on the field, both in staffs and clothing, but I don’t think I have seen it in anything that gets hit, or needs to pass weapons check. You would need to make sure if it got hit that neither the person hitting you, or more importantly you wouldn’t get hurt. Do also consider if you have to go down (strikedown or dying) that nothing will dig into you and hurt, I’m thinking battery packs specifically.

Also do remember the main battle will be between 11 and about 12.30 in the morning i.e. daylight for that so lit up things probably won’t show up well.

Would definitely look cool though in the evening, can be worn to Conclave if you go, or just round Anvil for showing off purposes!

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Yes, I can understand that. My thoughts were to seal the wires between the layers and use battery connectors, which I could keep disconnected during the day and setup later in the evening and at conclave.

It defo more a show-off than anything else XD

Ive seen some too and it looks cool af at night, though i think folks use some kind of fibreoptic wire rather than direct LEDs?

I use EL wire in my mage armour. Definitely recommend for being visible at night! Would not recommend if you intend to sneak around at night (although you can just turn it off).

My recommendation is to find somewhere in your kit to stash the battery pack where it wont accidentally get turned on or off, but is easy enough to access once night falls to switch it on. Also - spare batteries!