Mage armour for monstering

So I’m wanting to create a guidefor a “budget” monstering quality set of mage armour and/ or adapting existing armour to be mage armour. Anyone have any advice/ recommendations?

Light leather pieces (think mantle, wrists , wide belt ect) with Runes, Totems, and such. Make it noticeable

You may want to edit that title, Madge armour is very difficult to get hold of in this system :slight_smile:

Having a quick look at the wiki, you’ll need:

"To qualify the talisman must include three of the following items including at least one of the first three items on the list:

Pauldrons (shoulders)
Pectorals (upper chest)
Hero Belt (waist)
Circlet (head)
Vambraces (wrists)
Gorget (neck)
Greaves (lower legs)
The items must be substantial and cover a significant portion of the area but it is possible to use a single pauldron, greave or vambrace if appropriate for the costume."

So if you go through your LARP bits, maybe the old kit from your local society, or just salvaged scraps of… well, anything, you basically need to make some stuff that looks reasonable.

It’s for monstering, so it hardly needs to be awesome and unified.

Easiest combo is probably shoulderpads, hero belt, vambraces and circlet, with the option of dropping one if needed.

If you have anything that can be one of those (plain black leather vambraces, for instance), they can be tarted up into mage armour by, simplest, painting on large symbols, runes, sigils, that sort of thing. If you have complex embossed bits for of armour, they’ll do nicely.

Note that it can be any material, and doesn’t have to look like physical armour.

(Heck, I saw a lovely mage armour physrep in a Miss World competition, it was rigid black lace with gold sequins impersonating articulated plate…)

By the strictest reading of the rules for mage armour, soft costume like tunics and robes if made to look “magical” would be appropriate mage armour. Am I reading this wrong?

Hmm, I don’t THINK so…

I can see a large over-robe, embroidered with runes and stiffened with heavy fabric, with large delineated chunks at the lower arms, belt, shoulders and hood, being Mage Armour.

But generally, it’s probably easier to make discrete chunks of “armour” and wear them over something else.

re-reading the wiki (it was down for a bit), the bit that appears to say “no” is

The parts of the talisman superficially resemble pieces of armour, but armour that is ornate and ceremonial rather than practical.

That would suggest it needs to “look” like ceremonial armour armour. I can imagine doing that completely out of jewellery and the like over soft kit, but not pure soft costume.

If the soft kit is suitably ornate, and ties in. IE circlet, wide belt of sold with runes, arm wraps with runes printed along, shoulder cape with bit ornate runes then that’d fine. The rule of thumb is if I see it and go “Oh sh*t, Battle mage,” then it’s fine. Be obvious about it and plan to improve it gradually if needed. Doesn’t nee do be perfect E1


Another question with this. Would you consider a war skirt that has been appropriately talismanced up and runed up to be as part of a hero belt for mage armour?

Yes it would.

Sheets of foam covered in faux leather/vinyl. Redirecting...

Flash - Potentially, I think there is a blurry line there where it becomes another item of costume that many others wear. That said, a suitably magic looking hero belt with a skirt hanging off it would work.