Mage armour

Hi, i will eventually be looking at adding Battle Mage to my skill set and I’m wondering about the definition of “The items must be substantial and cover a significant portion of the area”.

Could anyone enlighten me on the phrasing of “substantial” and “significant portion” as I’m looking at getting a chain mail and leaf scale necklace that will cover the throat area, a similar bracelet for the wrist and a “ladder” chain that joins the two that opens out over the upper arm and shoulder like a tree canopy.

This would then cover wrist, shoulder and neck for the three areas but I’m looking for clarification on the rest.

Some items you definitely can use are listed: Pauldrons, Upper Chestpiece, Hero Belt, Circlet, Vambraces, Gorget, Greaves.

I’d expect if you have pieces that aren’t explicitly these things, but are of similar size and obviousness then you should be good. A necklace the size of a gorget (which would be a pretty big necklace) and bracelets the size of vambraces should be uncontroversial.


Yeah, that would be my ballpark as well.

Look to have similar coverage of the area as if you were using the listed armour pieces. Obviously that coverage can be a tracery type arrangement or something, but the same basic area is where to go in general.

Someone on the WMark FB group is trying to suggest that just putting runes on a Suaq coat would count as Mage armour

Example Suaq coat:

I don’t think it even looks superficially like armour, it’s just a coat.

Can I have some clarity? They’re suggesting that as it’ll have runes on it, it’ll be Mage armour.

I’m unconvinced, because:

It isn’t.

It doesn’t. Though admittedly I’ve seen other mage armour pieces that don’t as well.

At best the runed coat is an upper chest piece, but you’d still need two more pieces.


Just for the record, I’m not trying to shit on this guy’s game. If he’s already got one and considers it armour whatever. I’m just trying to look out for my own attempts to armour up.

Just putting runes on a Suaq coat would not be mage armour, but that’s not what they were suggesting (on at least part of the thread).

The suggestion of “Make pauldrons, vambraces and hero belt from the same materials one would use to make a suaq coat (soft leather, fur lining), and paint runes on them” would be very reasonable mage armour.

Finally, if you have questions for clarification like this, please email them to the rules address, instead of indirectly attacking other players on a public forum.

Oh damn I didn’t mean to indirectly attack! I wanted to ask so I could respond to them from a position of actually knowing and not, as I knew I was doing, making assumptions.

I’ll go apologise to them. If they or anyone else thought I was purposely attacking them, that’s incredibly wide of the mark. But if they felt attacked I’d prefer to make sure I know how not to do that again in future.

I thought my clarification that I wasn’t bothered about his own kit was enough, but obviously not. Sincerely thank you for letting me know how my tone was perceived so I can grow as a person.