Mage rods?

Hello so I’m a relatively new player (I’ve been to 2 events and I’m absolutely loving Larp) I wanted to ask other players if they know any sites or company’s that sell mage rods - I want to be a battle mage and I found staffs quite hard to use also one handed weapons sound a bit easier to wield - since due to my research while most company’s that I’ve found sell mage staffs but not rods. If anybody can find anything it would be much appreciated!

Eldritch make a variety of nice mage rods, and often bring a number to Empire. There aren’t many examples on their website sadly, so it’s best to email them or wait until an event.

It used to be that nobody made them, but Empire seems to be big enough to be tempting manufacturers. They can be difficult to find online, but are defiantly present in the field. Winterforge armouries do some beautiful ones. Mine is disguised as a walking cane, and was from skian mhor. I have also seen a good selection in Having a Larp.

As an aside, I find shield+rod is a far better loadout for keeping mages alive than Battlemage (armour+shield); I don’t find you lose that much from losing a staff’s range, as you have the shield to protect you as you close.

If you’ve had a look at the weapons on the stalls at the events, then with any luck you’ll have an idea of whose style you like. Any of the makers there would be well able to make a rod as a commission.

The best thing would have been to talk to them at the event, but you can send an email or whatever.

I know Irregular Props make a fair few rods. And most who create weapons for LARP would probably be willing to make a rod if you wanted a custom order.

Jackerdermalion started off as a leatherworker but has begun making foam shields and weapons, She made my mage rod for E4 which I was delighted with. She mainly works on commissions so you can discuss the exact design you want with her rather than buying something off-the-shelf. She plays in the Brasss Coast so can deliver to Empire events.

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I only managed to find… I think 3 different rods from the traders at the last empire event, so there are not that many on the field. The one I bought for myself was this beautiful simple rod (that wasn’t too wizardy) from Gem’s Trading Co/ :smiley:

Email the traders, they can put you in touch with the makers and they possibly will make one to some particulars when they next make a batch.