Maggot’s Talon

I saw with interest the Maggot’s Talon had been removed from the game, and wondered what the reasons were?

Raff’s comments implied that no-one had ever made one, but was that the sole reason?

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If I remember the discussion right … nobody made it was a big one. It was an incredibly niche item, which meant it was already a little shaky. There were issues around the changes that introduced swift casting, and it was never entirely clear how it worked. Basically, it was a really extraneous item so we made the decision to just cut it given nobody was making it and nobody would miss it.

I could never work out how it was supposed to help you steal stuff, as you can always run off with it and unbond it later. And the price meant that your mugger PC would be spending a good portion of their ill-gotten gains on an illegal Wand that’s a dead giveaway. Might as well have a totally legit hip flask of mana potions if you need to do a load of shady unbonding. Which also work for replenishing your PARALYSE mana :stuck_out_tongue: