Magic Fudge

I’ve run it through with admins, they are yet to respond :), but this event I am planning to sell sweets; fudge, etc infused with herbs such as Cerrulean Mazzarine, Imperial Roseweald etc. They offer an easy way for all characters to take curative herbs and enjoy it. Even if the staff dont let me do this would there even be an audience to buy it?

edit: potions, not herbs

You could do it as a bit of fun, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t allow players to be healed by the herbs (it takes a skilled physician to apply the herbs, and most, if I recall correctly, are not ingested, as they are poisonous if eaten).

If someone came at my with roseweald in fudge, I’d be thanking you for testing my vigilance, and politely declining a nasty stomach ache :smile:

EDIT: apparently Roseweald is profuse sweating and fever, not stomach issues. Ah well, close, I guess!

is there no way I could use pre-made potions, such as sovereign specific/ elixir vitae in the sweets? I’m just looking to sell something that hasn’t really been sold before

That I do not know. It is more likely to be allowed, as the difference between a potion and a sweet is less obvious, but the descriptor for the potions is written on the cards, but you could sell them as ‘liqueur fudge/chocolates’. I imagine that would be fine.

I’m pretty sure cooking a potion would render it useless.

But you wouldn’t have to cook it, you could make a hollow centred sweet, with a tiny hole, pour it in, then seal the hole after

that was what I was thinking with the herbs, like a cherry drop type thing

You’re part of GOD right? Could I do this? I am becoming more and more intrigued

Only person who can answer that is, or a ref on the field. I can give personal opinions, but cannot give ref calls, apologies


No worries

I couldnt see this being allowed unless you have taken the necessary skills, then maybe

Potions all come as pre-printed lammies with very obvious descriptions. This is how most apothecaries recognise their own potions, let alone other people’s. Sovereign Specific always smells minty and has a ‘vibrant, pleasant taste’ according to its card, for example.

The rules as written just say that you need “a suitable lammy and phys-rep present” and leaves the phys-rep intentionally vague. I’d say that mint fudge is almost a better phys-rep for Sovereign Specific than a bottle of coloured water. As you have been told, you want to email the Rules team, but I definitely think you’re looking more for a clarification than a special case.


If I bought magic fudge for any of the combat-related potions I’d probably roleplay the purchase as you intend, but then sneakily eat the fudge in the Anvil where I could enjoy it properly; and switch to using one of my durable plastic potion phys reps in the field so if it get dropped in the mud I won’t mind!

While I agree with you, as a member of crew I have to be very careful about clearly stating opinion versus fact. Any statement made by a crew member could be considered a ruling, which could cause issues in the field if we are wrong! :slight_smile:

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What do you think a fair price for 100g is? That’d be regular fudge

There are no ‘fair prices’, there are opportunities for you to discover what 100g is worth to different people. There is also a discussion of quality, 100g of mediocre fudge is worth less than 100g of great fudge. And preferences come into it too.

The question is too broad for a simple answer, and the system is designed to have no ‘fair price’ for anything.

Also, if you are attaching potions to your fudge, you also need to add the price of the herbs

I think having the phys-rep of the potion ready is fine, then head to GOD/ Ref etc. and say I want to make ‘X’ portions of potion. I think there is a time limit on how useful some potions are, but I maybe wrong.

I can see how using this style of potion delivery would work of poisons though, when you character anonymously ‘gifts’ a box of lased chocolate or something. could be fun.

Only the Deadly Poisons are time limited to 15mins. But yea a great delivery mechanism.

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“Potions which are not specifically designed to be used as poisons become inert within a few seconds of being mixed with food or drink. It is acceptable to roleplay mixing a liquid with water and handing it to a companion, but you cannot ‘spike’ someone with a potion without the assistance of a referee.”

“A liquid is an elixir or medicine that is drunk.”

“For a liquid that you drink the appropriate roleplaying might be taking the potion bottle, removing the stopper, and drinking the contents”

You can email it in to but I suspect they will point you at those lines.

Not a ref, but it seems clear to me that Potions that go in your face are Liquids designed to be drunk. Mixing them into fudge makes them inert. Otherwise you can get Surprise Potions and arguments like “I totally filled that Fudge with Gutwrench” (Illegal poison that is a Liquid with a lammy rather than a poison you can mix with food)