Magic item names

Just a general question do the names of magical enchants matter in relation to the item to be enchanted? Ie the blood sweat hauberk being used on a gamblers instead a hauberk.

No, there’s no restrictions based on the name. A Blood-sweat Hauberk can be any suit of light armour. It couldn’t be a suit of full plate, though.

Same goes for other magic items - a Woodcutter’s Axe can be any two-handed weapon - in fact, the description of that one talks about it often being made as a greatsword.

The thing to look for is the “Form” section of the Rules for each item.


thank you for the reply, my friend had a query aswell on bonding weapons, he wants to know about the limit thing where you can only have one of each form bonded, does this mean like you can only have a talisman, armour, and weapon enchant or like can you have multiple weapons just different forms of weapons like a onehand & two hand etc, its confusing us both

You can only bond to one thing in your weapon “slot” at a time - as per the example on the wiki.

You can carry multiple weapons, but you can’t bond to more than one at once - you’d have to break the bond with one weapon to bond to another one. Bear in mind, though, that if you’ve already used one magic weapon in a given day, you can’t use any others even if you bond to them.