Magic Weapons Question

New player here and have a question regarding magic weapons.

I know there are very strict rules around swords and other contact weapons, but what are the rules around wands, rods, and staves for mages? I assume that because because we are using these items as a way to channel our magic and not actually coming in contact with other players the weapons check isn’t as hardcore?

I ask this only because I cosplay for fun and I’d like to use worbla and other materials like this to form more unique and intricate designs for my staff.

It would be awesome to get some clarity on this :slight_smile:

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yeah so there are two different things here. Notably There are two types of Magic at empire: Spells and Rituals. Spells are the combat effects and they are contact, so the dichotomy between coming into contact with other players and channelling our magic is not one that really exists.

Rod, Wands and Staffs are weapons that allow you to channel the basic spells and strike other people with referred to as Implements. Combat magic at empire is contact only so to use the Paralyse spell you need a rod, wand or staff to physically strike your target as you make the call. As such they need to be constructed to the same standards of any other LARP weapon (carbon fibre core, foam, etc)

There are a cycle of items referred to as ritual staves which grant bonuses to lore (and indeed people who just want sticks for the aesthetic) these are not to be taken onto the battlefield nor used to strike people. These can be made out of what you want…

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So I use Paper-mache toppers for ritual staves, and have a Worbla headpiece, a friend of mine has leather wrapped plastic glowing staves.

If it isn’t a LARP weapon you shouldn’t hit people with it, or take it on the battlefield.
It’s probably worth calling it a ritual Stave, or ritual wand for clarity.

Really there are three types of magic for this purpose
Combat/Swift Cast Spells: These have to be cast through an Implement, so a LARP safe from
Slow Spells: These have to be cast in hand touching range so off the battlefield you could definitely use a harder prop in spell casting.

I would be happy to chat about designs and the lore, because if you are making it yourself you could really embed it into Empire’s cool magical symbolism.

I have both types. If I think I may be going into any sort of combat possible arena (I don’t do the major battles) so skirmishes or encounters then I take the larp weapon safe one. This means I can cast my one spell as that requires hitting people, but it also means if I parry or block a hit aimed at me and hit someone else by accident we’re not all going to A&E.

If I am just casting ritual magic then I can take the piece of decorated cherry wood, which also conveniently acts as a walking stick.

If I am carrying the wood stick and bump into something in Anvil town that may end up as combat - a loud argument, or Marcher Foot the Ball, it is my responsibility to stand well back so I can’t hit anyone with my lump of actual wood.

Just be aware that whatever you create as a ritual staff needs to survive the vagaries of the Anvil weather system, which is somewhat more changeable than your average convention centre!

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If you want to hit people with it its gotta be larp safe, you can however have something you have no intention of hitting people with that can be magical, usually ritual staves or some of the wands that have uses out of combat :slight_smile: