Magical Items

What magical items would be good for a militia style character?

That really depends on what you do. The items that would be good for a ritualist who uses divinations to uncover truths will be different to someone who uses military might to hunt down bounties will be different from those of a Priest of Vigiliance who sees their work in the militia as an outgrowth of their Virtue.

Pfft, fancy pants divinations and magic items are no substitute for a comfy chair, a determined investigation and a canny observer.

From my understanding, a large part of the Militia’s job is walking and talking. There are no magic items to aid with that, you’ll need to actually be good at getting people to answer your questions (Empire does not have a ‘Friend’ spell or mechanic to force interaction).

Militia do get targeted more often than regular Anvil comers (which is still rare, but not as rare), so a magical item to give you longer bleed time, overcome a crippled limb (eg Jack of Irons) or increase your weapon skills (eg Greensteel bracers) might be useful to you at some point, but just being careful will serve you better than any of those could.


Heya I play one of the current Warrant Officers in the Militia, as Micas touched on, there’s really nothing in the game that increases your capability to be a militia officer; there’s no skill, magic item or resource that will make you better at walking around, talking to people, having attention to detail and being diligent or dogged in your pursuit of information. it’s pretty much a hard skills only game.

Thanks for the help! You can probably see me there at one of the next few events!