Magical musical instruments

So as a priest of courage the only option for a magical instrument would be a horn?

How utterly disappointing and limiting that is! So someone with the ability to play a musical instrument, OC, will really have their choice of character cookie cuttered if they want to play a musically inspiring priest.

It does seem really limiting for the affects they are meant to be encouraging. Wouldn’t it be better to allow priests to use musical instruments to effectively extend already known ceremonies to a wider audience, like a mass anointing kinda of thing.

I will be playing my viola this coming event and would have loved to incorporate it into my character to be able to, or entice me, to play it more often at these events. But being a priestess of courage means that it won’t have any IC affects…unless I start blowing a horn till im blue in the face!

I was under the impression that any musical instrument was fine to use?

Form: Weapon. Takes the form of any kind of musical instrument. You must be performing music with this item to use its magical properties

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oh you are right, further looking at the item description says anyway weapon…really a bit silly naming the item ‘, horn’. or fiddle or something…

A number of the magical items’ pages make mention of alternative forms - for example, the bondring is described as sometimes also taking the form of a bracer; as long as the item fits the limitations outlined on the Magical Item page (e.g. for an instrument it’s “a musical instrument more complex than a triangle, and it must be played by the character bonded to it as part of the appropriate roleplaying used to activate its powers”) you should be fine


Yeah, magic items tend to have evocative names but they’re not prescriptive; a Sundering Axe can be a sword, a Bravo’s Blade can be a hammer, and any of the priestly instruments can be any kind of musical instrument that makes sense in the setting.

(All I mean by the last part is no Hammond organs or electric guitars. :wink: )


(Someday I will have my Kazoo of Anarchy…)


How about a drum? I can certainly see a big drum being used by a priest of Courage…

The rules say that the instrument has to be “more complex than a triangle”.
So I’m not sure if a kazoo would be allowed. It seems like a borderline case.
I’m sure a swannee whistle would be though, or a whistle with a pea!

If you can get more than one note out of it I’m absolutely sure it’s more complex than a triangle.