Magisters List Request

Magisters - I am compiling a document recording the Magisters of Highguard. This will allow us on field to quickly work out who needs to be called for any ‘big’ rituals or ritual support.

Therefore, I request the following information from each of the chapters / magisters, please:

  • IC Name
  • Chapter
  • Coven
  • Realms (and level in realm)
  • Mastered rituals

Please email me at -

All info that you give will be only available IC in the form of a booklet on field.

This has already been discussed at length and most have agreed to send me the info via FB so we can get this compiled for use IC on the field.

Regarding the magister info collection. I’m unable to do this IC as I am severely dyslexic. I need to use a computer to compile the info into a readable form. Trying to do this IC would take me weeks and I’d have to keep returning to peeps as I often can’t decipher my own writing :relaxed:

If anyone really doesn’t want to provide the info via the internet, please can they let me know via email, and let me know if they will be able to provide a written out sheet of the info requested at the next event.

Also, please let other’s who don’t access the Forums or Facebook about this. Cheers