Mail questions

Hi i am thinking of buying a set of butted steel ring mail, would it be heavy or medium armour?


It would be Heavy Armour because it is made from steel. (Butted vs rivited makes no difference to the armour class)

Getting some armour is a great idea as it will make you vastly more survivable in combat :grinning: are you looking at a hauberk?

I am looking at the alaric chainmail shirt from larp warriors

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Mainly because of price

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Remember that armour must cover the torso and two other locations to count.

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The chainmail you’re looking at counts as heavy, it covers enough locations to count as a full set of armour, but without leg protection, you’ll be vulnerable to getting your legs cleaved… have you looked at any greaves?

Also, for the price that is an amazing bit of kit!

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That’s a really good set of maille for that price, it’ll count as full heavy straight away, you can add to it as you go. My mate is buying one for his Urizen character starting at e1 next year.

(goes and looks at it)

Good choice! That completely covers torso + arms, and will grant you +4 hits and immunity to IMPALE and CLEAVE calls in those areas.

(Iwillgetthingswrong, it’s Torso + 1 other location. What is often done is torso+ greaves (1/2 legs) and bracers (1/2 arms), for a total of 2 locations. which can be confusing.)

As mentioned, you can likely get some greaves pretty reasonably, which will save you from being shot in the legs (unlikely), or CLEAVEd in the legs (likely).

Your major issue with that amount of armour, of course, is that it’ll wiegh quite a bit :slight_smile:


Also does anyone know how to remove rings from that kind of mail, because you have to to get menouverability

Specifically the ability to move your legs

Two pairs of pliers, just re-open the rings back into their helix, and keep half an eye on the top link at the crotch for it pulling apart.

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Thanks that’s incredibly helpful

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