Makeup and suncream

How do people manage suncream without ruining their lineage makeup?

When I played my draughir character I’d apply sunscreen first, wait for it to dry/soak in and then put my makeup on top. Luckily for me the white foundation I used also acted as sunscreen, so I rarely had to re-apply.


You do the sun cream before the makeup, and hope you don’t need to reapply it.

SPF makes a difference. The higher it is, the more oily/annoying it is to apply, and can affect how the makeup goes on top. I find 30SFP easier to apply makeup over than 50SPF. With 50SPF, I often find I need to use a powder over the foundation so it doesn’t feel like the whole lot is gonna slide off my face.

You can also get moisturizers that have an 15-30SPF but they tend to be pricey but work better under makeup.

Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen is pretty good as it’s SPF50 and not nearly as oily as other sunscreens.

Spray on. I use Nivea factor 50.
Also hoods or hats, and long sleeves over hands, and socks with sandals.

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I’m quite fond of Ultrasun. It’s not even nearly the cheapest one going (my mum seems to be able to magic up batches of it, though, because she is some sort of bargins witch), but the Sports one is waterproof to the point that you can go swimming with it on and not get burned. Perfect for hot and sweaty battles.

As far as lineage makeup goes, make sure the suncream is properly soaked in or dried or whatever before you even try to draw on your face.

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