i can’t find much mention in the wiki. What’s the General Wintermark opinion on makeup? Especially eyeliner.

Would it be fitting the aesthetic?

Might want to be careful you don’t accidentally look Navarr, who go in for facial tattoos and warpaint.

Navarr specifically go in for things that look like tattoos and warpaint - I’d be very surprised if anyone took eyeliner as evidence of being Navarri!

Too far? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking if I roll a stormcrow I might go with this.

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It looks slightly like the Comedian for Watchmen.


Too far?[/quote]

Does look an awful lot like Navarr warpaint. You’d need to be quite careful with the rest of your kit not to get confused.

I added my hood and I really like it.

I might go for this for this Suaq hunter character instead of the later Stormcrow.

If I get confused at first, I get confused. I’be been trying to go for the look of that Jade Warrior picture, but I’m loving this makeup…