Making a magic item not listed in the wiki?

I was wondering is there a request process for creating magic items not listed on the wiki?

I think you have to use a rune forge and to do that you either need to have the title of Seer of the Spiral Sword or coerce the person who has it to try and make your item. It is fairly expensive and I think is more of a later game thing unless you have a very good idea and can get someone else to pay the costs.

Other than that, I’m not sure. I hope this helps.

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Here’s the process the Seer needs to go through -

Not included all manner of politics and organisation in order to get your hands on the Illium, which is in no way cheap. Oh yes you need to get the seat in the first place through the Bourse Auction, 25 Thrones last time.

It’s not impossible, but you will need to work on it and get people to support you. Like most things at Empire :slight_smile:.