Map of Reikos

Does anyone have a more detailed map of Reikos the one on the Wiki is a bit limited for my needs. I understand it would not likely be an official one but it would help me in creating something. So if anyone could help please let me know.

The one on the wiki is the best we have I think. My Chapter the Suns of Couros are from Reikos, if you have any questions about the region I might be able to help!

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If you’re able to, can you tell us a little about what you’re trying to achieve? Then we might be able to help better :slight_smile: .The maps on the wiki are the best ones that exist in the public domain at the moment.

In simple terms I want to create a route. This is all part of my backstory, I wanted to have a map and diary detailing my adventure from the beginning to ending up in Anvil.

Where were you travelling from and to? There are two player chapters from Reikos; The Suns of Couros who are based in Haros Water and the Shattered Tower who are based in High Chalsis. There’s also some fun residents in Tamarbode currently.

The Suns (my chapter) have described Haros pretty well internally (some of which has made it into the wiki) and I’m sure the Shattered Tower have done similar with High Chalsis.

There are a few agreed landmarks in Reikos, but due to the massive invasion a year ago (which reduced Reikos to something like the Somme) followed by the Season of Mushrooms (during which magical mushrooms reduced everything to verdant virgin grasslands and forests once more) the region is pretty new and unsulled once more.

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Some where on the Mountain pass of High Chalsis heading through the mountains to Exile and then on towards Anvil.

As far as I am aware that’s a pretty unknown part of Reikos. I’m not sure High Chalsis is actually a mountain pass; the wiki describes it as foothills. From what I remember of in-game description the area is a series of foothills surrounding the mountains to the north-west.

You might be better going on to the Highguard Facebook group and asking there. The Shattered Tower lot might have more info for you.

Thanks @thresher I will have a look although really hate Facebook :mask: