Maps and Regios

Hi all, does anyone know if there is a map that shows all the Regios dotted around the Empire?

I believe the maps deliberately don’t go into that level of detail so PD can use them as are needed for plot. There are a few you can plot but this deliberately isn’t all of them.

Yeah I have started to plot as many as I can find but wondered if such a map existed already.

I’d love a nice decent map of the empire on a leather scroll! Be great for IC use.

If it’s not on the wiki then there isn’t one publicly available I’m afraid. I also suspect that some of the Regios that have turned up in play are not permanent ones, it’s a “below the abstraction layer” kinda thing.

Canvas maps are available if ask around, try pm’ing neb via this thread
Empire Canvas Maps but I don’t know if anyone’s done leather yet.


Thanks @Mark_Wilkin I will have a look.

You can happily assume that there’s at least one regio of every realm in every territory ~somewhere~, and they pop up and disappear at irregular intervals with the tides of magic and fate and all that good stuff.

BUT - the Empire world is a big place. Most places that the Gate will go to won’t have a regio. When there is a regio on a quest, we will undertake to make it bloody obvious - but it won’t always be the same sort of obvious. An example has been a set of standing stones with a roleplaying effect on - an example has been a couple of giant massive pillars with curtains between them, emitting a disturbing humming noise and with strange flickering lights surrounding them.

Also, you can’t just cast territory rituals in downtime. Strong regios - the kind that let you cast territory rituals - are rarer and harder to find, and may only show themselves at times that we can actually physrep you attending, as per the ‘keeping the game live’ rules.

Mapping all the regios in the world - let’s just say I don’t think you should be surprised when you find one that’s not on your map, no matter how much research went into that map.