Maps and Walking


I was wondering about the idea of maps in game. Is it the case that only certain areas are available to travel to? Like I can’t literally climb a mountain in Zenith because this is rural England, but at the same time battles have been fought over Zenith? Also, if I had a map of the Empire, would distances between points marked on the map roughly equate to their distance apart in the field?


The IC field at events represents the town of Anvil, with each nation camping in particular areas so as to be close to their mates, not separate territories.

You can walk round the town as normal, what you can see is there, and most people would be able to point you the way if needed.

The only bit that requires magic (and some suspension of reality) is the Sentinel Gate, but it should be obvious form whichever magician is casting open portal that it is currently magiclally connected to somewhere else, (that just happens to be represented by the field over the fence, or a tent round the back of monster).
The gate can be queried with detect magic (and a ref) to see if it could be opened to a particular place, usually only somewhere mentioned in the WoF.

The map of territories is there to explain climate differences for peoples backgrounds, and to allow war planning (something similar to a tabletop game done by the Military council), and is approx the size of Western Europe.



No horses in the Empire, they went extinct centuries ago.

The Trods are functionally magical roads that allow to walk briskly, all day, without getting very tired. You can therefore cover a heck of a way on them.

So if you want to have spent a year walking in the Urizen mountains in your backstory, you can. If you want to have visited every nation on the Empire map, you can (it will have taken months if not years).

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Ok, thanks all. Horses died? : ( Poor horsies. We’ll have to mime galloping while hitting two coconut halves together instead.

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It’s because it wouldn’t make any sense to have an event if they existed but weren’t there :slight_smile: So handwave no horses, big tragedy, much sadness.


Basically swap the evolutionary success of the horse and the dodo.

Also history alleges that horses were Special.


I am Highborn, and we are still sad about the horses, therefore obviously they were special. :stuck_out_tongue:


XD, lets do the coconut thing like in Monty Python instead

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except given a lack or recording equipment, and a lack of real horses, how would you know what hoof-beats sound like?

(please don’t turn up with 2 coconut shells…)

Also, here’s a silly. On the BBC and other places that make sound-effects, they are now stuck using the coconut shell noise. Because that’s what listeners associate with hoof-beats, and real hoof-beats sound different and strange…

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I recall hearing a hypothesis that horses walked on two legs, as all the Imperial iconography shows them doing so…


Which presumably means they’d only make the sound of one coconut half.

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The sound might have been passed down orally through the generations! Maybe they’d make the clipping sound as part of stories told to children? XD


We also know that they disagreed with things a lot, whined, and made wicker baskets. :stuck_out_tongue:


Furthering the silly tangent:

Horses’ hooves can sound like coconut shells in very specific circumstances - shoed horses, going at a neat trot on a paved/tarmacked road(1) will give that familiar ‘clip-clop’ sound. But how often is that the situation in radio dramas?

(1) Very occasionally we get people driving single-horse racing gigs on the roads around our area.



A related question, what sound do Giant Spiders make when they’re running?


Very little. Given the hairs and better suspension on the joints, they exert little pressure on each leg. They do rustle a fair bit, with the hairs and the exoskeleton rubbing against each other…

Hmm, to get a good sound effect for this, get a soft brush and a textured bit of wall (artex for preference), and rub the former over the latter in short brisk strokes.

This will make the sound of a giant spider running along.

The screaming goblin riding on top whooping and a 'hollering… is a different problem.

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Horses may be ‘extinct’ in the empire, but they may still exist
" The horse is extinct in the Empire. While there are occasional stories that some have survived outside the Empire, their population was always small and nobody has seen a living example in four hundred years"


Oh ok. Maybe that should be a quest then; we could travel to a far off land, find some horses, and open a breeding sanctuary in Anvil. I’m not sure how that could work though, maybe if we asked an eternal or distant trader for help during downtime? The horses might be fake toy ones but the principle is the thing XD


I am reasonably certain that the horses are dead in Foreign Parts as well. For various reasons, including that Sumaah aren’t waving horses at us and going “Nah nah nah, we have horses and you don’t”.

My character has ended up a well-informed scholar in Pre-Exodus Highborn history, and so has a pretty good idea both where horses came from, and that there aren’t any there now.