Maps and Walking

Correction: There is at least one there now. Admittedly, it is mummified and in a massive Pre-Exodus Highborn tomb, but people can definitely go look at it if they feel like it. :stuck_out_tongue:


So how does everyone get around if there are no horses?

Here ya go!


Ooh Coolio, thanks. Maybe we could try taming something else as fast as a horse? Like those Thule warbeast thingies

The Grendel landsharks, I’ll expect you’ll find, are difficult to breed, stubborn, slow, and more use as a semi-mobile seige weapon than as a reasonable riding beast.

Otherwise there’s be squadrons of them stampeding around the battlefield at us…

Given that Highguard would LOVE to have their cavalry back, I suspect that they’ve been trying to find replacement riding beasts for centuries. And if they’re too traditional to do so, the Freeborn would have been trying as well to one-up them…

So there might not BE anything useful to use as riding beasts.

On an OOC level, of course, there aren’t any riding beasts because otherwise a few dozen would be turning up at Anvil regularly…

…so no, you can’t domesticate the chocobo in play either…

…no, not even if you can phys-rep it…

…how did you paint that ostrich pink anyway, and has it been weapons checked? No? Get it off the field…


Is there a map of the trods anywhere? Are they the paths marked out with footprints on the “Empire Detailed” map from this page? -

Welcome to the forums OrionD!

I’m not actually sure, but I doubt it. I suspect that the green dotted lines are roads, the brown dotted lines are provincial boundaries.

I always got the impression that the trod network is wider and less direct than the roads, with a hundred trails crossing the lands of the Empire and beyond, glowing gently with spring magic…

I don’t think that there is an actual map of the trods, as this would add undue complexity to the maps and some of the stories. It might be in the category “below the abstraction layer”.

I suspect someone from Navarr may be able to give you a more definate answer.

Out of curiosity, why do you want one?

Brown is certainly region boundaries, and blue water ways, but there are roads as well as green dotted lines, sometimes they are the same, So I guess (only a guess) the Trods are either the green lines OR the ‘roads’ or maybe the green lines are paths, but I doubt that due to the scale of the maps.
So any thoughts anyone, which are which? or if neither what is the difference?

I am about 90% confident that the green footprints on Daisy’s map are indeed the trods.


  • Though they follow roads at some points, they clearly deviate from them at others
  • They run adry in non-Imperial territories
  • They don’t connect locations where there clearly are important paths
  • They circle around known vallorn in Liathaven, Brocéliande and Therunin
  • They meet at a point in Miaren, where there is no vallorn any more)

that was part of my reasoning too

Thank you, I’m happy to be here.

I am spending my evenings creating some maps of the Empire at the moment, and was just wondering what the footprint paths represented on the big map. (I’m planning on using the maps to trade IC). I suppose they could just represent foot paths that were not Trods.

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…but, reading the comments above, they are probably trods. Thanks!

I hope one day someone shows up with a donkey claiming it’s the long lost horse. If we get a permanent site etc.

Donkeys are also extinct I’m afraid.

If you want to talk about resurrecting them please see Medea Ruth in play.


We must make a new horse out of magic and steam power! Anyway, in the recent attack of the Empire on one of the Salt Lords, a bunch of magical constructs helped us quite a bit, including some fire lion things and some nervous glass warriors. We could do that for a horse XD

Well yes, you could, if you assume these proud beasts from an alien realm allow you to do anything as mundane as riding them and that you want the materials of said constructs in your crotch. Bear in mind that in the case of the glass warriors these are crystal soldiers honed to an edge by a realm that resonates with perfection, I’d expect that to be close to mono-molecular. In the case of the fire lions these are lava golems that explosively self destruct upon enemy walls.


Uh… I show up to every summit with a pair of wooden finger cymbals and play a… gallop… pattern…

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I’ve been spreading that for years.
Look at any painting, statue or coat of arms and you’ll see that it is true.