Hi all,
I’m very interested in anyone who has adapted the ‘official’ PD maps that I did. How have you used them? Have you:
[ul]]made differently coloured/textured versions?/:m]
]made props out of them (print-on-canvas guy, Chris’s 3D model, metal-etching guy)?/:m]
]added additional information in digital or actual form (e.g. Christian’s Bourse pins, colour overlays to show territory (Freya?) etc?)/:m]
]made digital 3d models?/:m]
]anything else at all, using my maps as a basis?/:m][/ul]

I would be immensely grateful if you could give me links to images of your adaptations, or if they’re packed away somewhere and not available, post here about what you did and I’ll come find you at the next event to photograph them.

Many thanks in advance,
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The Rangers have a framed map of their little corner of the north. I’m not sure if an e-version exists or not.

Paul Venner was the guy selling the maps on canvas, I’ve got the empire as a whole and the small brass coast one.

I’ve included your maps in reference books I’ve made for my group and visitors. They are the first page in each nation’s chapter.

If I could get enough maps to make it worthwhile - in scales to cover the empire as a whole, each nation individually and a set of each territory individually, I could make an atlas.

At the moment, an atlas of only 11 pages (one of each nation plus one of the empire as a whole and finally the one of the nations around the empire) is somewhat too small to be worthwhile. Although… I might end up making one anyway…

I had intended to do a map of each territory individually but then I realised it was a shitload of work for no real benefit (informationally speaking). And by that point was thoroughly sick of them. I would love to see if other people have done territory maps though.

Thanks for the other info.

The coloured version I did is incorporated into the zoomable version linked to on the wiki:

There is an album on bookface … 484&type=1

I’m currently working on a table with the detailed world map from the wiki carved into the top, inspired by the one that Stannis has of the seven kingdoms in Game of Thrones. Although the speed at which its going i’ll still be working on it this time next year :laughing:

That sounds amazing!

Hi Daisy;

I drew the following last year - very Temeschwar specific (as was for the group) - but I intend to make a series of these for different regions within the empire.!Em … q/imageijb

Thats awesome.

If you’re taking about the Temeschwar map - thanks!

If not…well…this is awkward! Just pretend I wasn’t here.

I have had some success with T.A.P paper to transfer the maps onto Shammy leather. I have then attached the map to a piece of leather so I can roll the map into it with leather wrap ties.

Im lookingat making myself a map on thin (0.7mm) suade goat skin as it will role easily andbe water proof once treated

I’ve still got the 3d wooden map lying around, but I need to repair it and re-paint it properly, which isn’t an easy job, as it is quite big

That is a link to a political map of the Empire which I’ve adulterated with military information - I’ll be distributing something similar in the field (#torchbearer) although the one I’ll be distributing will have military information updated based on Raff’s rumours posts rather than my own specious guesses.

The reason it has slightly janky labels rather than Daisy’s lovely text is that the only version I could find was the colour version from the Gazetteer, and in the process of monochroming it the original text was a casualty. My ushabti can’t do curved writing, I’m afraid. (If there’s a B&W version of the gazzetteer original out there, I’d happily use that instead.)

Fort in Spiral now thanks to Urizen/Master of Works/stone-crafters guild.

Battlefield in Liathaven in theory.

[quote=“Andy Raff”]
Battlefield in Liathaven in theory.[/quote]

Really? No Imperial armies there IIRC.

None in Reikos any more either so should it be shown as a battlefield?

I suppose it depends on whether you count “orcs conquering Imperial regions” as a battlefield or not.

[quote=“Andy Raff”]Fort in Spiral now thanks to Urizen/Master of Works/stone-crafters guild.

Battlefield in Liathaven in theory.[/quote]

Yes. It will be updated before printing. (Map may contain ideological differences to above map when it hits play. What’s the fun in unbiased information?)